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CBT 4 real, Session Clips

Diva Nikita Wilde, The Hague, (Also here)
Dominatrix Dinah, , Holland
Mistress SaMantha, The Hague, Holland
Mrs Kate, The Hague, Holland (At Club Doma)
Studio La Decence, Deventer, Holland
Miss Fabienne, The Hague, Holland
Mrs Noa, Eindhoven, Holland
Lethal Veronica, Amsterdam, Holland
Mrs Jill, Deventer / Arnhem, Holland
Mistress Irene, Amsterdam, Holland
Meesteres Jacqueline, Amsterdam, Holland
Studio Brizi / Mistress Brigitte, free gallery, Holland

More personal infos here...

More, free gallery

Meesteres Yvonne, Heerlen, Holland
Meesteres Isabel / Master Damien, Venlo, Holland
Studio Cher, Zoetermeer, Holland
Meesteres Manita, Amsterdam, Holland
Club Doma, Den Haag, Holland (Also their zine)
Mistress Madieanne, Amsterdam, Holland
Meesteres Antara, Haarlem, Holland
Dominatrix Dinah, Amsterdam, Holland
Goddess Tara, Amsterdam, Holland
Meesteres Gerda, Apeldoorn, Holland
Meesteres Sonja, Hilversum, Holland
Meesteres Daemona, Breda, Holland
Studio Chelsea, Almere, Holland
Mistress Ruth, Amsterdam / The Hague, Holland



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