The Disciplinarian
After years and years of play in the art of BDSM, CP is second nature to me, my accuracy is on point, and affective, hitting the right spot at the right time with the write amount of pressure.

I know where it hurts and I know where to hit to get the best out of you, its inbuilt, it’s a part of me, let it become apart of you, when you enter my world.

Goddess Athena is Beauty in Boots

Interests in all that’s kink, the weirder and the wonderful, and the bizarre. I play from the mild to the extreme

Ball Busting Specialist
Ball Busting is one of my speciality’s Known in most parts of the UK,for my strong legs, and
ability to kick and drop anyone who dares to try me, Ball Busting is something I really enjoy, and take great pleasure on inflicting heavy and jaw dropping kicks.

Role Play
Who am I, well dear I am whom ever you want me to be, or whom I am wanting to be, on any which day at any given time, Lady Boss, Pissed of Girlfriend, Army Sergeant, Secretary, remember anything at any time anywhere.

The Sadistic Bitch with a capitol B
For the more serious player – Anything that can be made extreme that’s my Forte, extreme in every aspect!
Extreme Medical, anal stretching, needle play, hole fucking on you, Bitch suck my Big Dick, Ball Stretching, Nipple Stretching, Japanese Rope Bondage, the tighter you are, there more cocooned you are the Harder I Play, I’ll take the wind from your sails.

Electrics, your body my current just dam right Harmony

After over a decade as a very well thought about Mistress in the BDSM world, and having broke in so many of you loyal slaves, I still get the rush, the pumping through my veins for the Novice, the ones that come in and start there journey with me, I take great pleasure in training my new puppets, I get great satisfaction in watching my new puppet, let go and enter a new phase in ones life, and taking them through the ultimate
enlightenment of a new and never ending journey.

Now I may be a Sadist this is very true, but I am also very soft spoken.

I do not need to shout and scream and use curse words, to make you submit, I do not need to make you fear me in away that it goes beyond what is really about, I am a no nonsense Mistress indeed, but I want to make this play time our time, not I need to get out of hear time.

What is wrote on hear does not even scratch the surface of any of my activities and what I do, the list is endless, so anything that is safe and consensual, that you need to ask me then do not hesitate to email me or call me.

This is just a small input into a small fragment of my world …

Extreme Medical, i.e. anal stretching, needle play, hole fucking on you, Forced Fem, Bitch suck my Big Dick, Ball Stretching, Nipple Stretching

Bio of :
in Greek Mythology was the Goddess who represented Wisdom, she was intelligent yet fierce, and also invented the bridle so man could tame the horse.
I Goddess Athena am very much the same, Powerful, Fierce Seductive and the Tamer of Man.
Known with many different persona’s, Mistress Athena, Miss Powers, The Dangerous Lady, and Her Ladyship all in which represents who I am.
I am like the ever changing chameleon no one knowing who or what I will be that day, is what is so exciting about me.
With everything I do I take pride, a perfectionist so when I train Man to be what I want them to be its only with perfection I do this. I want the best so I make my slaves/subs the best they can be. I am a Goddess and I am born to rule.
Goddess Athena will see you inside, get naked kneel down and submit yourself to me.

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Goddess Athena is Beauty in Boots

Goddess Athena is Beauty in Boots