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Goddess Athena, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Goddess Athena, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Mistess Athena, Beauty in Boots

Goddess Athena UK Premier Mistress Extreme Medical, anal stretching, needle play, hole fucking on you, Forced Fem, Bitch suck my Big Dick, Ball Stretching, Nipple Stretching, Japanese Rope Bondage

Domina Links, San Francisco, California, USA

Lady Devin James, Domina Links San Francisco

Domina Links, San Francisco Lady Devin James, San Francisco (Also here at FemmeFatale & Twitter – Header picture)                 Miss Violette Thorngate, San Francisco, California Domina Cielo, San Francisco (Also here) Phoenix Frost, San Francisco Mistress Josephine Drake, San Francisco Ms. Tara Sterling, San Francisco Zoe Harlow, San Francisco Miss Evangeline Grey, San Francisco Karin Sin, San Francisco Sabine Venatrice, San Francisco Gin, San Francisco Vinyl Queen, San Francisco (Also here, here) Vinyl Queen, free gallery Lady Catalina, San Francisco Domina Colette, San Francisco Cleo Dubois Academy of S/M Arts, San Francisco Diva Diamond / Zoe Zane, San Francisco (Also here) Ms. Eisanna Eiger Dominatrix/Doctor/Governess, San Francisco Mistress Eva Divine, San Francisco Fantasy Makers, East Bay / San Francisco The Gates, San Francisco Mistress Felina, San Francisco (Also Boston) Mistress Gloria Darling / Darling Domina, San Francisco Ms. Heart, free gallery, San FranciscoRead More

Domina Links, New Zealand, Ozeanien, World

New Zealand Mistress Dior / Dungeon D/S, Aukland, New Zealand Mistress Bridget, Auckland, New Zealand (Also London) MM Club, Wellington, New Zealand

The Other World Kingdom, Czech Republic

Domina Links, Czech Republic, Europe

Madame Sarka, Prague, Czech Republic

Domina Links, Czech Republic, Europe   Madame Sarka, Prague, Czech Republic (Also here) OWK, The Other World Kingdom, Czech Republic (OWK Cinema) Mistress Arella, Prague, Czech Republic (Also London, UK) Madam Samantha, Prague, Czech Republic Lady Renata, Prague, Czech Republic Domina Sandra, Prague, Czech Republic Madam Vevera, Moravia, Czech Republic Madame Christine, free gallery Madam Mischell, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic Madam Leeya, near Vimperk, Czech Republic, free gallery    

Domina Links, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland, Germany

Domina Links, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland Lady Britt, Studio BB, near Koblenz, Germany (Also here & here) Herrin Pandora, Near Koblenz, Germany Lady de Cobra, Andernach, Germany Lady Samantha, Institut Avagnon, Koblenz, Germany Mistress Jade, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Domina Links, Bremen

Domina Links, Bremen, Deutschland, Germany

Studio Sabine, Domina Links, Bremen

Domina Links, Bremen, Deutschland, Europa Studio Sabine, Bremen, Germany SM Lounge, Bremen, Germany Lady Liza, Bremen, Germany

Domina Links, Canada, North America

Bianca Beauchamp

Domina Links, Canada, North America Bianaca Beauchamp, Fetish Model, Canada Goddess Sara Akeera, Vancouver, Canada (Also here  & free gallery) Maitresse Malycia, Montreal, Canada Mistress Taylor Fallon, Vancouver, Canada (Also Los Angeles) Mistress Mystic, Ottawa, Canada Patricia Marsh, Toronto, Canada Veronika Harley, Vancouver, Canada Mistress Caress, Toronto, Canada Goddess Lana / Muscular Camgirl, Montreal, Canada Femme Fatale / Lady Lexis, Calgary, Canada Madame de Sade / Bondage Hotel, Ontario, Canada Mistress Rattan, Toronto, Canada Madame de Sade’s House of Fetish and Dungeon, Toronto Mistress Marine, Montreal, Canada (Stories) Maîtresse Cathie La Divine & Mistress Sasha, Ottawa Mistress Angelique Serpent, Vancouver, Canada Sissy Maid Academy, Toronto, Canada (feminization) Mistress Rawlove, Windsor, Canada The Temple, Ontario, Canada Club Stiletto, Vancouver (Great Membersite) Mistress Victoria, Toronto, Canada (Travels) Miss Flora Revel, Toronto, Canada Mistress Crimson, Toronto, Canada Lady Azelle, Toronto, Canada Dominique Domme, Vancouver, Canada Mistress Sasha Mizaree, Vancouver, Canada Miss Morgan Thorne,Read More

Domina Links, Ohio, United States, USA

Domina Snow, Columbus, Ohio (Travels also here, here, here) Mistress Naughtya, Cleveland, Ohio Miss Theresa, Columbus, Ohio Amber Black, Cleveland, Ohio (and travels) Miss Erica Kent’s Dungeon & House of Fem, Columbus Ohio Lady Katrina, Cleveland, Ohio Miss Kelle, Columbus, Ohio (Switch – Also here) Mistress Leah, Toledo, Ohio (Also Michigan) Mistress Lilith Adore, Cleveland, Ohio Mistress Lorian, Akron, Ohio Princess Melissa, Columbus, Ohio Mistress Miranda Rider, Akron, Ohio (Also here) MsPatty, Columbus, Ohio Reality Escapes / Madame O, Southwester Ohio Red Door, Cleveland, Ohio Mistress Savanna Rae, Akron, Ohio Princess Sierra, Columbus, Ohio Lady Victoria (wrestling), Dayton, Ohio Mistress Whipping Kitten, Columbus, Ohio Wicked Eden, Columbus, Ohio Mistress Yve, Columbus, Ohio (Also here)

Domina Links, San Diego, California, USA

San Diego Amazon Goddess Severa, San Diego (Also here ) Amazon Goddess Severa, San Diego Jacqueline DuMonde, San Diego Goddess Fae, San Diego Miss Crash, San Diego Domina Angelina, San Diego Blackdomme, San Diego (Also Los Angeles, Orange County) Mistress Chloe, San Diego (Also membership site here) Mistress Ginger Sands, San Diego (Also Orange County / LA) Ms. Jane J, San Diego Dungeon Servitus, San Diego

Domina Links, Poland, Polen, Europe, Europa

Poland, Polen, Europe, Europa   Domina Adelaida,Wrocław, Poland BDSM Guide, Poland  

Domina Links, Hong Kong, Asia, World

Hong Kong, Asia Mistress Kelly, Hong Kong (Also London & New York)  

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