American Femdom List Pennsylvania, USA

Domina Links, Femdom List, Pennsylvania, USA

Domina Links, Pennsylvania, USA Miss Mackenzee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Also Twitter ) Domina Irene Boss / The Compound, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Also here) Strictly Miss Lisa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Miss Lauren, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Goddess Destiny’s Chamber, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mistress Isadora, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mistress Antonia, Pittsburgh PA Bad Kitten Switches, Lehigh Valley / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lady Chandra, Philadelphia PA Mistress Diana, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mistress Fire Starter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Also New York) Mistress Fontaine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Also Washington DC) Madame Ingrid the Valkyrie, free gallery, Pennsylvania Domina Lexx Envy, Philadelphia, PA (Also New York) Madame Nadine / Cockmommie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Stephanie, Philadelphia, PA (switch) Mistress Vendela Zane, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Domina Links, Washington State, USA, United States

The Fetish Goddess Angelique Blaque,

Domina Links, Washington State, USA The Fetish Goddess Angelique Blaque, Seattle, Washington Mistress Ivy, Seattle, Washington Lady Lydia, Seattle, Washington (Also here, here) Olivia Ducane, Tacoma, Washington Lady Aurora, Seattle, Washington Domina Carmen, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Fuschia, Seattle (Wrestling) Mistress Katherine, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Mistress Kristie, Lynnwood WA Mistress Matisse, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Mistress Milliscent, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Mistress Tessa Taylor, Seattle, Washington

Domina Links, San Francisco, California, USA

Lady Devin James, Domina Links San Francisco

Domina Links, San Francisco Lady Devin James, San Francisco (Also here at FemmeFatale & Twitter – Header picture)                 Miss Violette Thorngate, San Francisco, California Domina Cielo, San Francisco (Also here) Phoenix Frost, San Francisco Mistress Josephine Drake, San Francisco Ms. Tara Sterling, San Francisco Zoe Harlow, San Francisco Miss Evangeline Grey, San Francisco Karin Sin, San Francisco Sabine Venatrice, San Francisco Gin, San Francisco Vinyl Queen, San Francisco (Also here, here) Vinyl Queen, free gallery Lady Catalina, San Francisco Domina Colette, San Francisco Cleo Dubois Academy of S/M Arts, San Francisco Diva Diamond / Zoe Zane, San Francisco (Also here) Ms. Eisanna Eiger Dominatrix/Doctor/Governess, San Francisco Mistress Eva Divine, San Francisco Fantasy Makers, East Bay / San Francisco The Gates, San Francisco Mistress Felina, San Francisco (Also Boston) Mistress Gloria Darling / Darling Domina, San Francisco Ms. Heart, free gallery, San FranciscoRead More

Domina Links, Missouri, USA, United States

Missouri, USA Queen Kitty, St. Louis, Missouri Mistress Elliot, Kansas City, Missouri Mistress Jacqueline, St. Louis, Missouri Mistress Kordelia Devonshire, St. Louis, Missouri (travels extensively) Mistress Deborah, Kansas City, Missouri Goddess Jeanna, St. Louis, Missouri Mistress KC, Kansas City, Missouri Miss Medusa Stone, St. Louis, Missouri (Also Memphis, TN) Mistress Vixen, St Louis, Missouri (Also Memphis)

Domina Links, Washington DC, USA, United States

Washington DC Goddess Lexi, Washington DC (Also Los Angeles) Lady Lilly, Washington DC Mistress Lynn, Washington DC (Also VA & MD) Nikki Domino, Washington DC Mistress Mei, Washington DC (Also Baltimore MD / Northern VA) Domina Lady Shazz, Washington DC (Also MD / VA) Mistress Tyler, Washington DC Domina V, Washington DC Lady Madam Vittoria Irish, Washington DC Domina Vontana, Washington DC (Also here)

Domina Links, Oregon, USA, United States

Oregon Maitresse Betka Schpitz, Portland, Oregon Erica Catharsis, Portland, Oregon Domina Katherine, Portland, Oregon Domina Thalia, Portland, Oregon Goddess Anais, Medford, Oregon (travels) Mistress Mariana, Portland, Oregon Lady Sophia St. James, Portland, Oregon Ms. Acacia Thorn, Portland, Oregon Anna Valentina, Portland, Oregon(Also Los Angeles/Las Vegas/Boston) Mistress Lana, Southwest Oregon Mistress Thorn, Beaverton, Oregon Empress Jina / Goddess of Discipline, Portland, Oregon (no new clients)

Domina Links, Texas, USA, United States

Texas Domme Victoria, Dallas, Texas Domme Diamond, Houston, Texas The Fetish Frenzy, El Paso, Texas Miss Kayla, Austin, Texas (Also Distance Training) Mistress Odette, Austin, Texas Mistress Daria, Dallas, Texas (Also here) Maitresse Renee, Fort Worth, Texas Mistress D, Austin, Texas Mistress Akume, Austin, Texas Mistress Alexandria, Dallas, Texas Domina Athena, Dallas, Texas (Also here, here) Mistress Cougars, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Mistress Dieve, Houston, Texas (Also Duesseldorf, Germany) Mistress Ella Strictland, Houston, Texas Lady Friday, Houston, Texas (Also here, here) Miss Jennifer, San Antonio, Texas (Also Virginia & Washington DC Mistress Layla, Austin, Texas Maison Noir, Houston, Texas Primadomina, Lady of Malice, Dallas Mistress Montana, Dallas, Texas (Travels to Austin & South Florida) Mistress Olivia Reigns, Austin, Texas Figure Power, Dallas, Texas (wrestling – and travels) Mistress Precious, Houston, Texas (Also here) Domina Shannon, Houston, Texas Mistress Tracy, Dallas, Texas Aunt Vicki, Ft. Worth, TX (Also here) Mistress Xcelle, Houston,Read More

Domina Links, Massachusetts, USA, United States

Domina Links, Massachusetts, USA   Mistress Rachel, Greater Boston (Also distance training) Christina’s Restraint Service, Amherst, Massachusetts Mistress Jada Sinn, Boston, Massachussetts Mistress Anya, Boston, Massachusetts Mz Dominica, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (phone / hypnosis) Lady J, Boston, Massachusetts (Also here) Strap-on Jo, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Also New York, Philadelphia) Goddess Lilith, Boston, Massachusetts The Mistress Line / Mistress Gemini, Boston, Massachusetts My Changing Room / Salon Nouvelle, Boston, Massachusetts Mystique Dungeons / Goddess Brianna, Greater Boston, Massachusetts Sinthia Spanking Specialist, Worcester, Massachusetts

Domina Links, Chicago, Illinois, USA, America

Domina Links, Illinois, USA, America Miss Victoria Cayne, Chicago, Illinois (Also Boston, Atlanta) Cougardomme, Chicago, Illinois (Also St. Louis, SE Florida & New Orleans) Miss Erin Black, Chicago, Illinois Safa Warda, Chicago, Illinois (wrestling/boxing) Odiele Von Roth, Chicago, Illinois Elysium Collective, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Clawdia Byrd, Chicago, Illinois The Fortress Beyond, Chicago, Illinois Miss Maya Sinstress, Chicago, IL Natalia Sadici, Chicago, Illinois Ms Mara Mayhem, Chicago, Illinois Fantasy Emporium / Mistresses Bri & Elle, Chicago, Illinois Countess Anders, Chicago, IL Alexandra Sadista, Chicago, Illinois Chicago Illusions, Chicago, Illinois Miss Claudia, Chicago, Illinois The Continuum, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Evelyn Leigh, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Jade Steel, Chicago, Illinois Kink Extraordinaires, Chicago, Illinois Leather and Lace, Chicago, Illinois (wrestling) Ms. Lily F. Hex, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Madeline, Chicago, Illinois (Also here, here, here, here, here, here, here) Ms. C, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Raine vonLivid, Chicago, Illinois (Also here) Sweet Mistress Sennett, Chicago, IllinoisRead More

Domina Links, Connecticut, USA, United States

Connecticut, USA Mistress Jade Tiger, New Haven, Connecticut (Also here, here) The Lady Elizabeth, New Haven, Connecticut Goddess J, Hartford, Connecticut (Also here, here) Empress M, Hartford, Connecticut (Also here) Mistress Sonya, West Haven, Connecticut Mz Suzanne SxySadist, Kink-friendly life coaching, Winsted & NY Hudson Valley (Also  here, here, &  Nurse Nasty )

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