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Domina Links, Thailand, Asia

Domina Links, Thailand, Asia, World

Domina Listing, Thailand, Bangkok, Asia, World

Domina Links, Thailand, Asia Maitresse Charlyn, Bangkok, Thailand (Also Cebu, Philippines) Castle Fetish Club, Pattaya, Thailand Thai Goddess X, Bangkok, Thailand BarBar Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand Demonia Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand Empress Lucy, Phuket, Thailand Thaidomina, Bangkok, Thailand Mistress Midori’s House of Dominance, Bangkok, Thailand Mistress Alaya, Bangkok, Thailand

Cyber Domina

Domina Links, Germany, Other Locations, Virtual & Co

Lady Roxy

Domina Links, Germany, Virtual & Co Lady Roxy’s Phantasy-Factory, Germany (Header picture, also here, here) Princess Eve, Live Telefon & mehr Empress Cruel, Club Cruel, Germany (Also here) Watch also Ca$h-Diva Money Mistress, Cash Diva, Gorgeous Goddess, Geldherrin, Financial Domination, Pay slaves, Paypigs  

Domina Links, Switzerland, Europe, Schweiz, Europa

Mistress Geneva, FetishQueen Danavaldi, Geneva, Switzerland

Domina Links, Switzerland, Europe Femdom websites & bdsm links at Switzerland for example at Bern, Basel, Zürich, Genf, Geneva, Genève, Lausanne Schweiz etc. plus free Mistress pictures informations and older homepages at the web archive. Femdom Ladies, Schweiz, Europa   Mistress Geneva, FetishQueen Danavaldi, Geneva, Switzerland (Header picture, also here) Maitresse Nadia free gallery, Switzerland Mistress Angela, Zurich, Switzerland Lady Anita, Winterthur, Switzerland Lady Jasmin Bouvoir, Zurich, Switzerland Institut Divine, Winterthur, Switzerland Mistress Nurie, Zurich, Switzerland Bizarr-Studio & Klinik Hades, Zurich, Switzerland Mademoiselle Mitsuko, Geneva, Switzerland Angel de Sade, Regensdorf, Switzerland Lady Josephine, Basel, Switzerland Herrin Angela, Zurich, Switzerland Domina Dshuna Divine, Zurich, Switzerland (Also here) Xena, Biel, Switzerland Maitresse Barbara, Geneva, Switzerland Mistress Alexa De Castel, free gallery, Switzerland Lady Victoria, Bern, Switzerland Lana Andersson, Zurich, Switzerland Lady Mahal, Aargau, Switzerland Studio Oh La La, Zurich, Switzerland Arte 42, Dubendorf, Switzerland Lady Ursulana, Lucerne, Switzerland Studio Kim, Basel, SwitzerlandRead More

Domina Links, Spain, Europe, Spanien, Europa

Domina Links, Spain, Europe Mistress Jessica, Tenerife, Spain Studio Wanda, Mistress Natalie, Madrid, Spain Domina Isa, Barcelona, Spain Ama Susan, Madrid, Spain Domina M / Luxuria, Barcelona, Spain (Travels to New York) Mistress Kimberley, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain Lady Monique Lefer / Estudio 63, Madrid, Spain Domina Sara, Bilbao, Spain Studio Wanda / Mistress Natalie, Bilbao, Spain Mistress Mabel, Gijon, Spain Ama Lara, Oviedo, Northern Spain Domina Zara, Barcelona, Spain

Bulgarian Premier Professional Dominatrix

Domina Links, Bulgaria, Europe

Аttractive, beautiful and sexy. Powerful, demanding and merciless. A natural born dominatrix

Domina Links, Bulgaria, Europe Bulgarian Premier Professional Dominatrix – Domina Links, Bulgaria, Europe Mistress Linda, Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe Lady Dora, Bulgaria, Europe Аttractive, beautiful and sexy. Powerful, demanding and merciless. A natural born dominatrix.  

American Femdom List Pennsylvania, USA

Domina Links, Femdom List, Pennsylvania, USA

Domina Links, Pennsylvania, USA Miss Mackenzee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Also Twitter ) Domina Irene Boss / The Compound, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Also here) Strictly Miss Lisa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Miss Lauren, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Goddess Destiny’s Chamber, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mistress Isadora, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mistress Antonia, Pittsburgh PA Bad Kitten Switches, Lehigh Valley / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lady Chandra, Philadelphia PA Mistress Diana, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mistress Fire Starter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Also New York) Mistress Fontaine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Also Washington DC) Madame Ingrid the Valkyrie, free gallery, Pennsylvania Domina Lexx Envy, Philadelphia, PA (Also New York) Madame Nadine / Cockmommie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Stephanie, Philadelphia, PA (switch) Mistress Vendela Zane, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Femdom Ladies USA

Domina Links, Michigan, USA, United States

Mistress Persephone, Flint, Michigan

Domina Links, Michigan, USA Mistress Persephone, Flint, Michigan (Also here) Mistress Sonia Vaughn, Detroit, Michigan Lady English, Grand Rapids, Michigan Sybil Starr, Detroit, Michigan (fighter) Miss Mena Croft, Free femdom gallery, Michigan                

Domina Links, United Kingdom, UK, Europe

Mistress Sahara Knite PornStar, Performer, Masseuse, Mistress, Session Wrestler

Domina Links, United Kingdom, Europe   Sahara Knite, Professional Mistress, Kent, UK (Also here, here & here ) Dominatrix Annabelle, London, UK Mistress Saharah Eve, UK Mistress Evilyne, London, UK Commander Sophie, London, UK (Also here) Princess Lola, Southampton, UK Rubber Mistress Annabel, London, UK (Also here, here) Modern Empress, London, UK Ingrid Frost, London, UK (Also here) Mistress Elektra, London, UK Mistress Lilith, Foot Fetish Goddess, Glasgow, Scotland Mistress Magpie, Plymouth / Bristol, UK Mistress Paris, Bedfordshire, UK Mistress Morana, London, UK Miss Luna / Nanny Luna, London, UK (Also here) Mia Harrington, Brighton, East Sussex, UK (Also here) Mistress Katerina, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK Mistress Suzzie, Southampton, UK Ophelia de Havilland, West Sussex, UK (and travels) Miss Jessica Wood, Watford, Hertfordshire, UK (Also Glasgow, Scotland here) Lady Lola, London, UK Mistress Athena, Leeds, UK (Also Huddersfield, Booty in Boots) Angelica Andrews, Hertfordshire/Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire, UK Mistress Angelica, North Staffordshire, UK MistressRead More

California Femdom Ladies of other locations

Domina Links, California, others locations, USA

Mistress Misook Wu

Domina Links, California, other locations, USA Backdrop Club, Mountain View, California Mistress XTC, Near Sacramento / Folsom, California Ms Cynthia, Orange County, California Eros Station, Van Nuys, California Dana Specht, Carmel CA (membership) Lady Ripplee Severin, Berkeley, California   Mistress Misook Wu, San Jose, California, USA (Header Picture) Mistress Misook Wu enjoys: Domestic Discipline, Corporal Punishment –  Flogging, Paddling,  Caning, Whipping CBT & Trampling Humiliation Play: Toilet Training, Face Slapping, Spitting, Verbal Abuse, Face Sitting ( only with Latex, Leather & Vinyl ) Sensual Domination, Tease and Denial Role Play: Teacher & Student, Boss & Employer, Doctor & Patient, Kidnapping & Interrogation & more    

Domina Links, Nevada, Las Vegas, USA, United States

Ms Vanity Sin Domina Links, Nevada, USAna

Domina Links, Nevada, USA Ms Vanity Sin, Las Vegas, Nevada (Header picture) Mistress Penelope St. Devi, Las Vegas, Nevada Lady Desiree, Reno, Nevada (Also Kansas City) Chocolate Nightmares, Las Vegas, Nevada Goddess Bella Donna, Las Vegas, Nevada Goddess Eidalia, Las Vegas, Nevada Mistress Kikko, Las Vegas, Nevada Goddess Mya, Las Vegas, Nevada Ms. Venus Divine, Las Vegas, Nevada (Also here & clip store)   Scarlett Devine, Las Vegas, Nevada (Also here) Mistress Sierra, Reno, Nevada (Also Las Vegas)

Domina Links, Los Angeles, California, United States

  Domina Links, Los Angeles, California, USA Cybill B. Troy, Los Angeles (Also at Femdom Empire, here &  here) Goddess Angeline, Los Angeles (Also here) Annika Amour, Los Angeles (Also here) Mistress Alexa Ortease, LA (Also San Diego / San Francisco) Mistress Damiana Chi, West Los Angeles (Music – Same also here) Rebecca Knox, Los Angeles Kinky Gaga, Los Angeles (In-person sessions here) Kisa Black, Los Angeles Mistress Evolin Pierce gallery, Hollywood, LA (Also here, here) Mistress Evolin Pierce Website Mistress Kara, Los Angeles (Also here) Miss Sheri Darling, Los Angeles Mistress Lucy, Los Angeles Morgan Sterling, Los Angeles (Switch – Also here) Iron Gates Studios SFV, Los Angeles Azia Dia, Los Angeles Mistress Astoria Reich, Los Angeles Brittany Andrews, Los Angeles (Travels – Also  here) Snow Mercy, Los Angeles (Also here) Mistress Trinity, Los Angeles Mistress Edie Elson, Los Angeles, California Mistress Lynn Pops, Los Angeles Fetish Chamber, LosRead More

Domina Links, France, Europe, Europa

Maitresse Francoise Paris, France

Domina Links, France, Europe Dominatrice Paris, Paris Elegance, Paris, France Maîtresse Françoise, Paris, France (Also here, Rubber Nurse, here, here, here) Domina Saddy, France Maitresse Eliza Sauvage, Lyon, France Maitresse Dominella, Avignon, France Maitresse Altea, Paris, France (Also Sierre, Switzerland – Also here, here) Goddess Natalia, Paris, France Lady Angel, Paris, France Maitresse Liane, Paris, France Maitress Theodora, Paris, France Maitresse Kristine, Paris, France Maitresse Claudia Cuir, Paris, France Maitresse Ingrid, Nancy, France Miss Layla, Lyon, France Maitresse Daphne, Bordeaux, Franc Miss Lilith, Lille, France (Also Belgium) Maitress Angela, Dole, France Maitresse Messaline, Paris Maitresse Barbarella, Paris, France Maitresse Ava, Paris, France (Also here) Lady Valeska, Nancy, France Maitresse Jenny, Toulouse, France Maitresse Sulfure, Lyon, France Maitresse Malvina, Clamart, France (Also Los Angeles – Also here) Maitresse Victoria, Paris, France (Also here) Maitresse Theodora, Paris, France (Also here) Mistress S, Cannes, France Maitresse Diane, LeMans, France (Also Arlon, Belgium) MaitresseRead More

American femdom guide of Colorado

Domina Links, Colorado, USA, United States

Mistress Alexia Jordon

Domina Links, Colorado, USA Mistress Alexia Jordon, Denver, Colorado (Free gallery) Domina Elle, Denver, Colorado Domme Olivia, Denver, Colorado Imperial Mistress, Denver, Colorado (Also Membership site) Pavlovia, Denver, Colorado Mistress Saskia, Denver, Colorado

Domina Links, New York, United States of America

Mistress Unknown

Domina Links, New York, USA   Mistress Unknown, New York (Also New Jersey here & here – Header picture) Boudoir Rouge, Brooklyn, New York Domina Caitlin, Staten Island, New York (Also here) Mistress Amanda La Fatale, New York Mistress Alana Aradia, New York Mistress Blunt, New York Britta Olsen, New York Troy Orleans, New York (Also here & podcast interview) Stunning Margot Rose, New York Mistress Sage St. John, New York Miss Vero, New York Donatella Den, New York Miss Varla, New York Joelle Barros, New York (switch) Iniquitas, New York Mistress Victoria Robinson, New York Miss Rozz, Manhattan, New York City, New York Mistress Alexus, Rochester, New York The Art of Submission, New York (Also here) Valencia Rio, New York (Also Albany) Domina Simone Roux, New York Mistress Bailey, New York Mistress Josie, New York Mistress Naomi, New York Mistress Betty Kasoura, New York Mistress Dior, New York Mistress VictoriaRead More

Domina Links, San Francisco, California, USA

Lady Devin James, Domina Links San Francisco

Domina Links, San Francisco Lady Devin James, San Francisco (Also here at FemmeFatale & Twitter – Header picture)                 Miss Violette Thorngate, San Francisco, California Domina Cielo, San Francisco (Also here) Phoenix Frost, San Francisco Mistress Josephine Drake, San Francisco Ms. Tara Sterling, San Francisco Zoe Harlow, San Francisco Miss Evangeline Grey, San Francisco Karin Sin, San Francisco Sabine Venatrice, San Francisco Gin, San Francisco Vinyl Queen, San Francisco (Also here, here) Vinyl Queen, free gallery Lady Catalina, San Francisco Domina Colette, San Francisco Cleo Dubois Academy of S/M Arts, San Francisco Diva Diamond / Zoe Zane, San Francisco (Also here) Ms. Eisanna Eiger Dominatrix/Doctor/Governess, San Francisco Mistress Eva Divine, San Francisco Fantasy Makers, East Bay / San Francisco The Gates, San Francisco Mistress Felina, San Francisco (Also Boston) Mistress Gloria Darling / Darling Domina, San Francisco Ms. Heart, free gallery, San FranciscoRead More

Domina Links, Italy, Europe, Italien, Europa

Mistress Larizia, Milan, Italy

Domina Links, Italy, Europe Domina Sreni, Milano, Italy (Also here) Mistress Larizia, Milan, Italy (header picture, website with music) Mistress Gaia, Rome, Italy Dirty Yezz-Clips of Mistress Gaia here >>> Madame, Brescia, Italy Mistress Regina, Milan, Italy Domina Jemma, Rome, Italy Mistress Desdemona, Bologna, Italy FetishDea, Vicenza, Italy Mistress Dominique, Milan, Italy Padrona Amanda, free gallery Mistress Ingrid, Brescia, Italy (Also here, here, here) Mistress Kelly, Torino, Italy Mistress “G”, Milan, Italy Padrona Nikita, Torino, Italy Mistress Lucrezia, Milan, Italy (Also here) Padrona Diana, Torino, Italy

Domina Links, Peru, Lima, South America

Ama Greta, Peru, Argentina

Peru, South America Ama Greta, Lima, Peru (Also Argentina, free gallery here)

Domina Links, Virginia, USA, United States

Madame Myst Strict Nurse

Virginia, USA Madame Myst, Near Winchester, Virginia (Also here) Mistress Natasha, Charlottesville, Virginia Mistress Lilith Paige, Richmond, Virginia Lady S, Virgiania Beach, Virginia (Also Richmond) Mistress Aura, Near Winchester, Virginia (Also Washington DC)

Domina Links, Utah, USA, United States

Miss VICIOUS - Utah Dominatrix

Domina Links, Utah, USA Miss Vicious, Utah (Cyber Domination) Ms Julie Spanks, Salt Lake City, Utah Lady J, Salt Lake City, Utah  

Domina Links, South Carolina, USA, United States

South Carolina, USA Captain Vanity, Columbia, South Carolina Mistress Annie, Columbia, South Carolina Goddess Sadie, Summerville, South Carolina (Also distance training)

Domina Links, Wisconsin, USA, United States

Wisconsin Mistress Carly Castille, Milwaukee, Wisconsn

Domina Links, New Jersey, USA, United States

Domina Links, New Jersey, USA   Dante Posh, North New Jersey (Also New York (Also here) Mistress Destiny, New Jersey (Also NY – Also distance training) House of DsDesires / Mistress Mariah, Jersey City, New Jersey Mistress Flame, Southern New Jersey Mistress Kay, Northern New Jersey Goddess Maria, Meadowlands, New Jersey Marquise De Soul, Metuchen, New Jersey Mistress Mir, Teaneck, New Jersey (Also here) Mistress Cristian, Free gallery, New Jersey Mistress Rachel Fine, Essex County, New Jersey Domina Rei, South New Jersey

The Other World Kingdom, Czech Republic

Domina Links, Czech Republic, Europe

Madame Sarka, Prague, Czech Republic

Domina Links, Czech Republic, Europe   Madame Sarka, Prague, Czech Republic (Also here) OWK, The Other World Kingdom, Czech Republic (OWK Cinema) Mistress Arella, Prague, Czech Republic (Also London, UK) Madam Samantha, Prague, Czech Republic Lady Renata, Prague, Czech Republic Domina Sandra, Prague, Czech Republic Madam Vevera, Moravia, Czech Republic Madame Christine, free gallery Madam Mischell, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic Madam Leeya, near Vimperk, Czech Republic, free gallery    

Domina Links, Argentina, South America

Domina Links, Argentina

Domina Links, Argentina Domina Maxima, Buenos Aires, Agentina (Phone: 5491131225086) TV, TS Domina Nikita & more, Argentina More at Mistress Argentina >>>

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