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Domina Links, Spain, Europe, Spanien, Europa

Domina Links, Spain, Europe Mistress Jessica, Tenerife, Spain Studio Wanda, Mistress Natalie, Madrid, Spain Domina Isa, Barcelona, Spain Ama Susan, Madrid, Spain Domina M / Luxuria, Barcelona, Spain (Travels to New York) Mistress Kimberley, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain Lady Monique Lefer / Estudio 63, Madrid, Spain Domina Sara, Bilbao, Spain Studio Wanda / Mistress Natalie, Bilbao, Spain Mistress Mabel, Gijon, Spain Ama Lara, Oviedo, Northern Spain Domina Zara, Barcelona, Spain

American Femdom List Pennsylvania, USA

Domina Links, Femdom List, Pennsylvania, USA

Domina Links, Pennsylvania, USA Miss Mackenzee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Also Twitter ) Domina Irene Boss / The Compound, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Also here) Strictly Miss Lisa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Miss Lauren, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Goddess Destiny’s Chamber, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mistress Isadora, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mistress Antonia, Pittsburgh PA Bad Kitten Switches, Lehigh Valley / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lady Chandra, Philadelphia PA Mistress Diana, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mistress Fire Starter, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Also New York) Mistress Fontaine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Also Washington DC) Madame Ingrid the Valkyrie, free gallery, Pennsylvania Domina Lexx Envy, Philadelphia, PA (Also New York) Madame Nadine / Cockmommie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Stephanie, Philadelphia, PA (switch) Mistress Vendela Zane, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Domina Links, Michigan, USA, United States

Domina Links, Michigan, USA Mistress Persephone, Flint, Michigan (Also here) Mistress Sonia Vaughn, Detroit, Michigan Mistress Demonique, Detroit, Michigan Lady English, Grand Rapids, Michigan Miss Mena Croft, Southfield, Michigan (Also here) Sybil Starr, Detroit, Michigan (fighter)

Femdom Lady List of Austria, Europe

Domina Links, Austria, Europe, Österreich, Europa

High Class Mistress Nora Marinelli

Domina Links, Austria, Europe Mistress Nora Marinelli, Vienna, Austria 1001 Macht / Madame Queen, Vienna, Austria Mistress Nora, Vienna, Austria Saskia della Borgia, Vienna, Austria (Also Switzerland & Germany) Bizarrlady Danja, Inssbruck, Austria Lady Manou, Vienna, Austria Lady Callystra, Vienna, Austria Madame Helga, Bad Aussee, Austria (Also here) La Contessa, Vienna, Austria Madame Sanders, Vienna, Austria (Also here )

Domina Links, Belgium, Belgien, Europe, Europa

Mistress Linda

Domina Links Belgium, Europe, Belgien, Europa Maitresse Linda, free gallery, Belgium   Miss Lilith, Tournai, Belgium Mistress Belgium, Sint Eloois Vijve near Gent, Belgium SM Studio Tina, Anthwerp, Belgium SM Studio Antwerpen, Anthwerp, Belgium Mistress Missaya, Brussels, Belgium Maitresse Stilletta, Brussels, Belgium Mistress Lucrezia, Antwerp, Belgium Mistress Nina, Brussels, Belgium Meesteres Destiny, Turnhout, Belgium SM Studio Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgium Dame Callista, Antwerp, Belgium Maitresse Gaby, Marcinelle / Charleroi, Belgium Hot Marijke, Antwerp, Belgium (Also here) Meesteres Issis, Antwerp, Belgium (Also Breda, Netherlands & here) Mistress Shane, Antwerp, Belgium (Travels) Messteres Xines, Merelbeke, Belgium (Also here) SM Studio The Cellar, near Antwerp, Belgium Maitresse Kika, Brussells, Belgium (Also Anthwerp, Paris) Maitresse Diane, Brussels, Belgium Maitresse Athena, Brussels, Belgium Mistress Morticia, Antwerp, Belgium Studio Magical, Antwerp, Belgium (Near Roosendaal, Holland) Maitresse Christine, Brussels, Belgium O.R.R. / Operating Room Roleplay, Antwerp, Belgium Maitresse Kika, South of Brussels, Belgium (Also Paris, France) Elsa LaRead More

Domina Links, Nevada, Las Vegas, USA, United States

Ms Vanity Sin Domina Links, Nevada, USAna

Domina Links, Nevada, USA Ms Vanity Sin, Las Vegas, Nevada (Header picture) Mistress Penelope St. Devi, Las Vegas, Nevada Lady Desiree, Reno, Nevada (Also Kansas City) Chocolate Nightmares, Las Vegas, Nevada Goddess Bella Donna, Las Vegas, Nevada Goddess Eidalia, Las Vegas, Nevada Mistress Kikko, Las Vegas, Nevada Goddess Mya, Las Vegas, Nevada Ms. Venus Divine, Las Vegas, Nevada (Also here & clip store)   Scarlett Devine, Las Vegas, Nevada (Also here) Mistress Sierra, Reno, Nevada (Also Las Vegas)

Domina Links, Hungary, Europe, Europa

Fetish Muscle Model Diva Kris

Hungary Diva Kris, Budapest, Hungary (Free gallery here) Lady Mona, free gallery, Hungary Mistress Rebeka, Budapest, Hungary Mistress Arina, Budapest, Hungary Domina Nadja Shark, Budapest, Hungary (Also Italy – Also here)

Domina Links, Los Angeles, California, United States

  Domina Links, Los Angeles, California, USA Cybill B. Troy, Los Angeles (Also at Femdom Empire, here &  here) Goddess Angeline, Los Angeles (Also here) Annika Amour, Los Angeles (Also here) Mistress Alexa Ortease, LA (Also San Diego / San Francisco) Mistress Damiana Chi, West Los Angeles (Music – Same also here) Rebecca Knox, Los Angeles Kinky Gaga, Los Angeles (In-person sessions here) Kisa Black, Los Angeles Mistress Evolin Pierce gallery, Hollywood, LA (Also here, here) Mistress Evolin Pierce Website Mistress Kara, Los Angeles (Also here) Miss Sheri Darling, Los Angeles Mistress Lucy, Los Angeles Morgan Sterling, Los Angeles (Switch – Also here) Iron Gates Studios SFV, Los Angeles Azia Dia, Los Angeles Mistress Astoria Reich, Los Angeles Brittany Andrews, Los Angeles (Travels – Also  here) Snow Mercy, Los Angeles (Also here) Mistress Trinity, Los Angeles Mistress Edie Elson, Los Angeles, California Mistress Lynn Pops, Los Angeles Fetish Chamber, LosRead More

Domina Links, France, Europe, Europa

Maitresse Francoise Paris, France

Domina Links, France, Europe Dominatrice Paris, Paris Elegance, Paris, France Maîtresse Françoise, Paris, France (Also here, Rubber Nurse, here, here, here) Domina Saddy, France Maitresse Eliza Sauvage, Lyon, France Maitresse Dominella, Avignon, France Maitresse Altea, Paris, France (Also Sierre, Switzerland – Also here, here) Goddess Natalia, Paris, France Lady Angel, Paris, France Maitresse Liane, Paris, France Maitress Theodora, Paris, France Maitresse Kristine, Paris, France Maitresse Claudia Cuir, Paris, France Maitresse Ingrid, Nancy, France Miss Layla, Lyon, France Maitresse Daphne, Bordeaux, Franc Miss Lilith, Lille, France (Also Belgium) Maitress Angela, Dole, France Maitresse Messaline, Paris Maitresse Barbarella, Paris, France Maitresse Ava, Paris, France (Also here) Lady Valeska, Nancy, France Maitresse Jenny, Toulouse, France Maitresse Sulfure, Lyon, France Maitresse Malvina, Clamart, France (Also Los Angeles – Also here) Maitresse Victoria, Paris, France (Also here) Maitresse Theodora, Paris, France (Also here) Mistress S, Cannes, France Maitresse Diane, LeMans, France (Also Arlon, Belgium) MaitresseRead More

American femdom guide of Colorado

Domina Links, Colorado, USA, United States

Mistress Alexia Jordon

Domina Links, Colorado, USA Mistress Alexia Jordon, Denver, Colorado (Free gallery) Domina Elle, Denver, Colorado Domme Olivia, Denver, Colorado Imperial Mistress, Denver, Colorado (Also Membership site) Pavlovia, Denver, Colorado Mistress Saskia, Denver, Colorado

Domina Links, New York, United States of America

Mistress Unknown

Domina Links, New York, USA   Mistress Unknown, New York (Also New Jersey here & here – Header picture) Boudoir Rouge, Brooklyn, New York Domina Caitlin, Staten Island, New York (Also here) Mistress Amanda La Fatale, New York Mistress Alana Aradia, New York Mistress Blunt, New York Britta Olsen, New York Troy Orleans, New York (Also here & podcast interview) Stunning Margot Rose, New York Mistress Sage St. John, New York Miss Vero, New York Donatella Den, New York Miss Varla, New York Joelle Barros, New York (switch) Iniquitas, New York Mistress Victoria Robinson, New York Miss Rozz, Manhattan, New York City, New York Mistress Alexus, Rochester, New York The Art of Submission, New York (Also here) Valencia Rio, New York (Also Albany) Domina Simone Roux, New York Mistress Bailey, New York Mistress Josie, New York Mistress Naomi, New York Mistress Betty Kasoura, New York Mistress Dior, New York Mistress VictoriaRead More

Domina Links, Washington State, USA, United States

The Fetish Goddess Angelique Blaque,

Domina Links, Washington State, USA The Fetish Goddess Angelique Blaque, Seattle, Washington Mistress Ivy, Seattle, Washington Lady Lydia, Seattle, Washington (Also here, here) Olivia Ducane, Tacoma, Washington Lady Aurora, Seattle, Washington Domina Carmen, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Fuschia, Seattle (Wrestling) Mistress Katherine, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Mistress Kristie, Lynnwood WA Mistress Matisse, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Mistress Milliscent, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Mistress Tessa Taylor, Seattle, Washington

Femdom Links, San Francisco, California, United States

Domina Links, San Francisco, California, USA

Lady Devin James, Domina Links San Francisco

Domina Links, San Francisco Lady Devin James, San Francisco (Also here at FemmeFatale & Twitter – Header picture)                 Miss Violette Thorngate, San Francisco, California Domina Cielo, San Francisco (Also here) Phoenix Frost, San Francisco Mistress Josephine Drake, San Francisco Ms. Tara Sterling, San Francisco Zoe Harlow, San Francisco Miss Evangeline Grey, San Francisco Karin Sin, San Francisco Sabine Venatrice, San Francisco Gin, San Francisco Vinyl Queen, San Francisco (Also here, here) Vinyl Queen, free gallery Lady Catalina, San Francisco Domina Colette, San Francisco Cleo Dubois Academy of S/M Arts, San Francisco Diva Diamond / Zoe Zane, San Francisco (Also here) Ms. Eisanna Eiger Dominatrix/Doctor/Governess, San Francisco Mistress Eva Divine, San Francisco Fantasy Makers, East Bay / San Francisco The Gates, San Francisco Mistress Felina, San Francisco (Also Boston) Mistress Gloria Darling / Darling Domina, San Francisco Ms. Heart, free gallery, San FranciscoRead More

Femdom Mistress Links of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Domina Links, Utah, USA, United States

Miss VICIOUS - Utah Dominatrix

Domina Links, Utah, USA Miss Vicious, Utah (Cyber Domination) Ms Julie Spanks, Salt Lake City, Utah Lady J, Salt Lake City, Utah  

Domina Links, Missouri, USA, United States

Missouri, USA Queen Kitty, St. Louis, Missouri Mistress Elliot, Kansas City, Missouri Mistress Jacqueline, St. Louis, Missouri Mistress Kordelia Devonshire, St. Louis, Missouri (travels extensively) Mistress Deborah, Kansas City, Missouri Goddess Jeanna, St. Louis, Missouri Mistress KC, Kansas City, Missouri Miss Medusa Stone, St. Louis, Missouri (Also Memphis, TN) Mistress Vixen, St Louis, Missouri (Also Memphis)

Domina Links, Minnesota, USA, United States

Mistress Jean Bardot free gallery

Minnesota, USA Mistress Jean Bardot, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Also here) Mistress Lotus Dungeon, Minneapolis, Minnesota Madeline Rommely, Minneapolis, Minnessota Amanda Wildefyre, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Also here ) Mistress Sharina Nicole, Minneapolis, Minnesota Mistress Mommy, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Domina Links, Wisconsin, USA, United States

Wisconsin Mistress Carly Castille, Milwaukee, Wisconsn

Domina Links, Rhode Island, USA, United States

Rhode Island Ruthless Vixen aka A’IE, free gallery, Providence, Rhode Island Miss Nicole O’Niel, Providence, Rhode Island (Travel to MA and CT) New England Domme, Rhode Island (contact info reported invalid)

Domina Links, New Jersey, USA, United States

Domina Links, New Jersey, USA   Dante Posh, North New Jersey (Also New York (Also here) Mistress Destiny, New Jersey (Also NY – Also distance training) House of DsDesires / Mistress Mariah, Jersey City, New Jersey Mistress Flame, Southern New Jersey Mistress Kay, Northern New Jersey Goddess Maria, Meadowlands, New Jersey Marquise De Soul, Metuchen, New Jersey Mistress Mir, Teaneck, New Jersey (Also here) Mistress Cristian, Free gallery, New Jersey Mistress Rachel Fine, Essex County, New Jersey Domina Rei, South New Jersey

Domina Links, Argentina, South America

Domina Links, Argentina

Domina Links, Argentina Domina Maxima, Buenos Aires, Agentina (Phone: 5491131225086) TV, TS Domina Nikita & more, Argentina More at Mistress Argentina >>>

Domina Links, Washington DC, USA, United States

Washington DC Goddess Lexi, Washington DC (Also Los Angeles) Lady Lilly, Washington DC Mistress Lynn, Washington DC (Also VA & MD) Nikki Domino, Washington DC Mistress Mei, Washington DC (Also Baltimore MD / Northern VA) Domina Lady Shazz, Washington DC (Also MD / VA) Mistress Tyler, Washington DC Domina V, Washington DC Lady Madam Vittoria Irish, Washington DC Domina Vontana, Washington DC (Also here)

Domina Links, San Diego, California, USA

San Diego Amazon Goddess Severa, San Diego (Also here ) Amazon Goddess Severa, San Diego Jacqueline DuMonde, San Diego Goddess Fae, San Diego Miss Crash, San Diego Domina Angelina, San Diego Blackdomme, San Diego (Also Los Angeles, Orange County) Mistress Chloe, San Diego (Also membership site here) Mistress Ginger Sands, San Diego (Also Orange County / LA) Ms. Jane J, San Diego Dungeon Servitus, San Diego

Domina Links, Oregon, USA, United States

Oregon Maitresse Betka Schpitz, Portland, Oregon Erica Catharsis, Portland, Oregon Domina Katherine, Portland, Oregon Domina Thalia, Portland, Oregon Goddess Anais, Medford, Oregon (travels) Mistress Mariana, Portland, Oregon Lady Sophia St. James, Portland, Oregon Ms. Acacia Thorn, Portland, Oregon Anna Valentina, Portland, Oregon(Also Los Angeles/Las Vegas/Boston) Mistress Lana, Southwest Oregon Mistress Thorn, Beaverton, Oregon Empress Jina / Goddess of Discipline, Portland, Oregon (no new clients)

Domina Links, Texas, USA, United States

Texas Domme Victoria, Dallas, Texas Domme Diamond, Houston, Texas The Fetish Frenzy, El Paso, Texas Miss Kayla, Austin, Texas (Also Distance Training) Mistress Odette, Austin, Texas Mistress Daria, Dallas, Texas (Also here) Maitresse Renee, Fort Worth, Texas Mistress D, Austin, Texas Mistress Akume, Austin, Texas Mistress Alexandria, Dallas, Texas Domina Athena, Dallas, Texas (Also here, here) Mistress Cougars, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Mistress Dieve, Houston, Texas (Also Duesseldorf, Germany) Mistress Ella Strictland, Houston, Texas Lady Friday, Houston, Texas (Also here, here) Miss Jennifer, San Antonio, Texas (Also Virginia & Washington DC Mistress Layla, Austin, Texas Maison Noir, Houston, Texas Primadomina, Lady of Malice, Dallas Mistress Montana, Dallas, Texas (Travels to Austin & South Florida) Mistress Olivia Reigns, Austin, Texas Figure Power, Dallas, Texas (wrestling – and travels) Mistress Precious, Houston, Texas (Also here) Domina Shannon, Houston, Texas Mistress Tracy, Dallas, Texas Aunt Vicki, Ft. Worth, TX (Also here) Mistress Xcelle, Houston,Read More

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