Femdom Ladies, Schweiz, Europa

Domina Links, Switzerland, Europe, Schweiz, Europa

Mistress Geneva, FetishQueen Danavaldi, Geneva, Switzerland

Domina Links, Switzerland, Europe Femdom websites & bdsm links at Switzerland for example at Bern, Basel, Zürich, Genf, Geneva, Genève, Lausanne Schweiz etc. plus free Mistress pictures informations and older homepages at the web archive. Femdom Ladies, Schweiz, Europa   Mistress Geneva, FetishQueen Danavaldi, Geneva, Switzerland (Header picture, also here) Maitresse Nadia free gallery, Switzerland Mistress Angela, Zurich, Switzerland Lady Anita, Winterthur, Switzerland Lady Jasmin Bouvoir, Zurich, Switzerland Institut Divine, Winterthur, Switzerland Mistress Nurie, Zurich, Switzerland Bizarr-Studio & Klinik Hades, Zurich, Switzerland Mademoiselle Mitsuko, Geneva, Switzerland Angel de Sade, Regensdorf, Switzerland Lady Josephine, Basel, Switzerland Herrin Angela, Zurich, Switzerland Domina Dshuna Divine, Zurich, Switzerland (Also here) Xena, Biel, Switzerland Maitresse Barbara, Geneva, Switzerland Mistress Alexa De Castel, free gallery, Switzerland Lady Victoria, Bern, Switzerland Lana Andersson, Zurich, Switzerland Lady Mahal, Aargau, Switzerland Studio Oh La La, Zurich, Switzerland Arte 42, Dubendorf, Switzerland Lady Ursulana, Lucerne, Switzerland Studio Kim, Basel, SwitzerlandRead More

Bulgarian Premier Professional Dominatrix

Domina Links, Bulgaria, Europe

Аttractive, beautiful and sexy. Powerful, demanding and merciless. A natural born dominatrix

Domina Links, Bulgaria, Europe Bulgarian Premier Professional Dominatrix – Domina Links, Bulgaria, Europe Mistress Linda, Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe Lady Dora, Bulgaria, Europe Аttractive, beautiful and sexy. Powerful, demanding and merciless. A natural born dominatrix.  

California Femdom Ladies of other locations

Domina Links, California, others locations, USA

Mistress Misook Wu

Domina Links, California, other locations, USA Backdrop Club, Mountain View, California Mistress XTC, Near Sacramento / Folsom, California Ms Cynthia, Orange County, California Eros Station, Van Nuys, California Dana Specht, Carmel CA (membership) Lady Ripplee Severin, Berkeley, California   Mistress Misook Wu, San Jose, California, USA (Header Picture) Mistress Misook Wu enjoys: Domestic Discipline, Corporal Punishment –  Flogging, Paddling,  Caning, Whipping CBT & Trampling Humiliation Play: Toilet Training, Face Slapping, Spitting, Verbal Abuse, Face Sitting ( only with Latex, Leather & Vinyl ) Sensual Domination, Tease and Denial Role Play: Teacher & Student, Boss & Employer, Doctor & Patient, Kidnapping & Interrogation & more    

Domina Links, Nevada, Las Vegas, USA, United States

Ms Vanity Sin Domina Links, Nevada, USAna

Domina Links, Nevada, USA Ms Vanity Sin, Las Vegas, Nevada (Header picture) Mistress Penelope St. Devi, Las Vegas, Nevada Lady Desiree, Reno, Nevada (Also Kansas City) Chocolate Nightmares, Las Vegas, Nevada Goddess Bella Donna, Las Vegas, Nevada Goddess Eidalia, Las Vegas, Nevada Mistress Kikko, Las Vegas, Nevada Goddess Mya, Las Vegas, Nevada Ms. Venus Divine, Las Vegas, Nevada (Also here & clip store)   Scarlett Devine, Las Vegas, Nevada (Also here) Mistress Sierra, Reno, Nevada (Also Las Vegas)

Domina Links, Hungary, Europe, Europa

Fetish Muscle Model Diva Kris

Hungary Diva Kris, Budapest, Hungary (Free gallery here) Lady Mona, free gallery, Hungary Mistress Rebeka, Budapest, Hungary Mistress Arina, Budapest, Hungary Domina Nadja Shark, Budapest, Hungary (Also Italy – Also here)

Domina Links, Washington State, USA, United States

The Fetish Goddess Angelique Blaque,

Domina Links, Washington State, USA The Fetish Goddess Angelique Blaque, Seattle, Washington Mistress Ivy, Seattle, Washington Lady Lydia, Seattle, Washington (Also here, here) Olivia Ducane, Tacoma, Washington Lady Aurora, Seattle, Washington Domina Carmen, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Fuschia, Seattle (Wrestling) Mistress Katherine, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Mistress Kristie, Lynnwood WA Mistress Matisse, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Mistress Milliscent, Seattle, Washington (Also here) Mistress Tessa Taylor, Seattle, Washington

Femdom Links, San Francisco, California, United States

Domina Links, San Francisco, California, USA

Lady Devin James, Domina Links San Francisco

Domina Links, San Francisco Lady Devin James, San Francisco (Also here at FemmeFatale & Twitter – Header picture)                 Miss Violette Thorngate, San Francisco, California Domina Cielo, San Francisco (Also here) Phoenix Frost, San Francisco Mistress Josephine Drake, San Francisco Ms. Tara Sterling, San Francisco Zoe Harlow, San Francisco Miss Evangeline Grey, San Francisco Karin Sin, San Francisco Sabine Venatrice, San Francisco Gin, San Francisco Vinyl Queen, San Francisco (Also here, here) Vinyl Queen, free gallery Lady Catalina, San Francisco Domina Colette, San Francisco Cleo Dubois Academy of S/M Arts, San Francisco Diva Diamond / Zoe Zane, San Francisco (Also here) Ms. Eisanna Eiger Dominatrix/Doctor/Governess, San Francisco Mistress Eva Divine, San Francisco Fantasy Makers, East Bay / San Francisco The Gates, San Francisco Mistress Felina, San Francisco (Also Boston) Mistress Gloria Darling / Darling Domina, San Francisco Ms. Heart, free gallery, San FranciscoRead More

Hot racy persian orientalic femdom lady

Featured VIP Ad Persian Goddess Domina Sara Akeera

Persian Goddess Domina Sara Akeera

Exotic, ruthless Mistress Sara Akeera, Vancouver, Canada Persian Goddess Domina Sara Akeera likes Total control, Seductive teasing, Champagne & Caviar, Shoe worship, Humiliation, Slut training, Strapon, Torture, Punishment & much more Free femdom gallery of  Persian Goddess Sara Akeera Over 650 pix+ 20 clips at femdom club of clubs here>>>

Domina Links, Virginia, USA, United States

Madame Myst Strict Nurse

Virginia, USA Madame Myst, Near Winchester, Virginia (Also here) Mistress Natasha, Charlottesville, Virginia Mistress Lilith Paige, Richmond, Virginia Lady S, Virgiania Beach, Virginia (Also Richmond) Mistress Aura, Near Winchester, Virginia (Also Washington DC)

Domina Links, Vermont, USA, United States

Vermont Mistress Eva Winters, near Burlington, Vermont Madame Vava, Springfield, Vermont (Also Massachusetts) Lady Paradise, Northern Vermont

Femdom Mistress Links of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Domina Links, Utah, USA, United States

Miss VICIOUS - Utah Dominatrix

Domina Links, Utah, USA Miss Vicious, Utah (Cyber Domination) Ms Julie Spanks, Salt Lake City, Utah Lady J, Salt Lake City, Utah  

Domina Links, Missouri, USA, United States

Missouri, USA Queen Kitty, St. Louis, Missouri Mistress Elliot, Kansas City, Missouri Mistress Jacqueline, St. Louis, Missouri Mistress Kordelia Devonshire, St. Louis, Missouri (travels extensively) Mistress Deborah, Kansas City, Missouri Goddess Jeanna, St. Louis, Missouri Mistress KC, Kansas City, Missouri Miss Medusa Stone, St. Louis, Missouri (Also Memphis, TN) Mistress Vixen, St Louis, Missouri (Also Memphis)

Domina Links, Minnesota, USA, United States

Mistress Jean Bardot free gallery

Minnesota, USA Mistress Jean Bardot, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Also here) Mistress Lotus Dungeon, Minneapolis, Minnesota Madeline Rommely, Minneapolis, Minnessota Amanda Wildefyre, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Also here ) Mistress Sharina Nicole, Minneapolis, Minnesota Mistress Mommy, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Domina Links, Kansas, USA, United States

Kansas, USA Alicia Panettiere, Kansas City, Topeka, Kansas

Domina Links, Wisconsin, USA, United States

Wisconsin Mistress Carly Castille, Milwaukee, Wisconsn

Domina Links, Rhode Island, USA, United States

Rhode Island Ruthless Vixen aka A’IE, free gallery, Providence, Rhode Island Miss Nicole O’Niel, Providence, Rhode Island (Travel to MA and CT) New England Domme, Rhode Island (contact info reported invalid)

Domina Links, Argentina, South America

Domina Links, Argentina

Domina Links, Argentina Domina Maxima, Buenos Aires, Agentina (Phone: 5491131225086) TV, TS Domina Nikita & more, Argentina More at Mistress Argentina >>>

Domina Links, Washington DC, USA, United States

Washington DC Goddess Lexi, Washington DC (Also Los Angeles) Lady Lilly, Washington DC Mistress Lynn, Washington DC (Also VA & MD) Nikki Domino, Washington DC Mistress Mei, Washington DC (Also Baltimore MD / Northern VA) Domina Lady Shazz, Washington DC (Also MD / VA) Mistress Tyler, Washington DC Domina V, Washington DC Lady Madam Vittoria Irish, Washington DC Domina Vontana, Washington DC (Also here)

Madame Nicole is a lifestyle Domme with real-time slaves and pets all over the planet

Madame Nicole, Westchester, NY, USA & Istanbul, Turkey

Madame Nicole

Madame Nicole, Westchester, NY, USA & Istanbul, Turkey Tantalizing, sultry, velvet-voiced Madame Nicole is a lifestyle Domme with real-time slaves and pets all over the planet. I will have you on your knees begging for more of my big black strap-on for the time of your pitiful little life! All fetishes, fantasies and role-play expertly explored. I’m a sexy, sensual, sultry mature Dominatrix who truly enjoys most aspects of role-play. Please go to my website for all the decadent details. Thank you. Life is better than great When you’re under my feet, Madame Nicole “No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation. Fran Lebowitz (1950 – )” The list below should whet your appetite. I can convincingly slip into the role of: Auntie of an Adult Baby or adolescent, Boss, Dog Trainer, Doctor/Nurse, Equestrian, Feminisation Mistress,Read More

Domina Links, Bremen

Domina Links, Bremen, Deutschland, Germany

Studio Sabine, Domina Links, Bremen

Domina Links, Bremen, Deutschland, Europa Studio Sabine, Bremen, Germany SM Lounge, Bremen, Germany Lady Liza, Bremen, Germany

Femdom Ladies Germany

Domina Links, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland, Germany

Lady Axis, Karlsruhe, Germany

Domina Links, Baden-Württemberg Lady Axis, Karlsruhe, Germany (siehe Bild) Residenz Hekaté, Karlsruhe, Germany Novem Viginti, Karlsruhe, Germany Cheyenne de Muriel, Stuttgart, Germany (Also here) Lady Victoria Valente, Stuttgart, Germany (Also here, here) Wanda von Dunajew, Heidelberg, Germany SM-Queen, FlagLady, Heidelberg, Germany Herrin Sharka, Stuttgart, Germany (Also here) Studio P(8), Heidelberg, Germany Studio Yvette, Schwalbach, Germany Therapie und Bizzarrzentrum, Stuttgart (Also here) Madeleine Le Roy, Karlsruhe, Germany Studio Heaven & Hell, Domina Bea, Karlsruhe, Germany Lady La Donna, Near Stuttgart, Germany Lady Farah, Karlsruhe, Germany (Also here) Mademoiselle Zoe, Stuttgart, Germany Daemona de Lucca, Karlsruhe, Germany Herrin Joy, Stuttgart, Germany Lady Leona, Stuttgart, Germany’ Studio Centric, Stuttgart, Germany Salon Excentric, Stuttgart Pain Factory, Karlsruhe, Germany Studio Arachne, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany Madame Dura, KG Shop, Bondensee, Germany Lady Zahra Johnson, Free gallery, Germany

Domina Links, Ohio, United States, USA

Domina Snow, Columbus, Ohio (Travels also here, here, here) Mistress Naughtya, Cleveland, Ohio Miss Theresa, Columbus, Ohio Amber Black, Cleveland, Ohio (and travels) Miss Erica Kent’s Dungeon & House of Fem, Columbus Ohio Lady Katrina, Cleveland, Ohio Miss Kelle, Columbus, Ohio (Switch – Also here) Mistress Leah, Toledo, Ohio (Also Michigan) Mistress Lilith Adore, Cleveland, Ohio Mistress Lorian, Akron, Ohio Princess Melissa, Columbus, Ohio Mistress Miranda Rider, Akron, Ohio (Also here) MsPatty, Columbus, Ohio Reality Escapes / Madame O, Southwester Ohio Red Door, Cleveland, Ohio Mistress Savanna Rae, Akron, Ohio Princess Sierra, Columbus, Ohio Lady Victoria (wrestling), Dayton, Ohio Mistress Whipping Kitten, Columbus, Ohio Wicked Eden, Columbus, Ohio Mistress Yve, Columbus, Ohio (Also here)

Domina Links, San Diego, California, USA

San Diego Amazon Goddess Severa, San Diego (Also here ) Amazon Goddess Severa, San Diego Jacqueline DuMonde, San Diego Goddess Fae, San Diego Miss Crash, San Diego Domina Angelina, San Diego Blackdomme, San Diego (Also Los Angeles, Orange County) Mistress Chloe, San Diego (Also membership site here) Mistress Ginger Sands, San Diego (Also Orange County / LA) Ms. Jane J, San Diego Dungeon Servitus, San Diego

Domina Links, Alabama, United States, USA

Alabama Auntie Rhi, Ft Payne, Alabama Mistress Vetter, Birmingham, Alabama

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