Baroness Mercedes, Studio Art of Pain, Gelsenkirchen, Deutschland

Baroness Mercedes, Art of Pain, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Domina Mercedes

Baroness Mercedes, Studio Art of Pain, Deutschland   Baroness Mercedes, Studio Art of Pain Vorlieben von soft bis extrem: Klassische Erziehung, Flagellation, Inhaftierungsszenarien, Klinik, Gummi, Rollenspiele, Sklavenlehrgänge, Gemeinschaftserziehung Likes : Roleplay, Arrests, CBT, Degradation, Medical play, Breath control, Clysters, Catheters, Roleplay, Rubber & much more Free femdom gallery of Baroness Mercedes, Studio Art of Pain  

German Lady Mistress Helene Pracht Clips & Pics

German Lady Mistress Helene Pracht, Clips & Pix

Mistress Helene Pracht Clips & Pics

Mistress Helene Pracht, Clips & Pix German Lady Mistress Helene Pracht likes: Chastity, Financial Domination, Foot worship, Trampling, Verbal abuse, Humiliation, Canning, Golden shower, Brown shower, Facesitting, Toilet training, Smothering & much more Clips4Sale Store of Lady Helene Pracht >>> Over 70 pix + 4 clips (over 40 min.!) at

Mistress Ray, Manchester, United Kingdom

Mistress Ray, Manchester, United Kingdom

Mistress Ray, Manchester, UK   Mistress Ray, Manchester, UK likes: Cuckhold, Foot worship, Toe licking, Adult Baby, Humiliation, Strap-On, Financial Domination, Phonetraining, & much more  

Sweet & Sadistic Mistress Hellena

Mistress Hellena femdom gallery, Leeds, UK

Mistress Hellena femdom gallery, Leeds, United Kingdom

Mistress Hellena femdom gallery Mistress Hellena likes Degradation, CBT, Enema Play, Shoe cleaning, Humiliation, Boxing, Watersports, Wrestling, Needle Play & much more Mistress Hellena femdom gallery, free   Over 170 pix at

Maitresse Nadia, free femdom gallery, Switzerland

Ffree femdom gallery

Maitresse Nadia, femdom gallery Maitresse Nadia, free femdom gallery Maitresse Nadia likes: Bondage, TV-Training, Roleplay, Outdoor, Strap-On, Footworship, Rubber, Smoking, & much more Over 500 pictures, 1 video + 6 wallpapers at

Life-style Mistress Tara Indiana

Life-style Mistress Tara Indiana, New York, USA at The Den of Iniquity

Life-style Mistress Tara Indiana

Strict, life-style Mistress Tara Indiana Life-style Mistress Tara Indiana likes Punishment, Foot worship, Smothering, worship, tease & denial, Facesitting, Roleplay, Financial slavery Free frmdom gallery of life-style Mistress Tara Indiana   With over 15 years experience, Mistress Tara is a strict, life-style Mistress. She takes total control in her sessions. She doesn’t do fantasy role-play nor does she accept any requests. She is interested in meeting men and woman who are genuinely submissive, who are there for their Mistress’s pleasure and believe that slavery is it’s own reward. While she enjoys all aspects of S&M, She decides when, where, and with whom. You will have no control over what happens to you and she does not play with safe words. Mistress Tara generally starts with corporal punishment. If the slave is obedient and well behaved She then enjoys a more sensual, erotic session. This might consist of foot and legRead More

Experienced Dominatrix Evolin Pierce

Los Angeles Dominatrix Evolin Pierce, California, USA

Dominatrix Evolin Pierce

Dominatrix Evoline Pierce likes Punishment, Foot & Boot worship, Ballbusting, Tease & denial, Humiliation, Smoking, Strap-On, Lesbo domination, Orgasm control & much more

Femdom Ladies, Schweden, Europa

Domina Links, Sweden, Europe

Mistress Eden Lost, Gothenburg, Sweden (Travels

Domina Links, Sweden, Europe Femdom Ladies, Schweden, Europa Mistress Eden Lost, Gothenburg, Sweden -Travels (Header picture, also here ) Mistress D Mia, Stockholm, Sweden Miss Naima, Stockholm, Sweden Smisk-akuten, Stockholm, Sweden Madame Anna, Stockholm, Sweden

Femdom Lady Nadia gallery by Club Stiletto

Lady Nadia, free femdom gallery

Free femdom gallery of footworship, Roleplay, Humiliation, Facesitting, Human animal play, Trampling
Strap-On & much more

Cyber Domina

Domina Links, Germany, Other Locations, Virtual & Co

Lady Roxy

Domina Links, Germany, Virtual & Co Lady Roxy’s Phantasy-Factory, Germany (Header picture, also here, here) Princess Eve, Live Telefon & mehr Empress Cruel, Club Cruel, Germany (Also here) Watch also Ca$h-Diva Money Mistress, Cash Diva, Gorgeous Goddess, Geldherrin, Financial Domination, Pay slaves, Paypigs  

Strapon Goddess Asmondena, Hamburg

Strapon Goddess Asmondena, Hamburg, Germany

Strapon Goddess Asmondena

Lady Asmondena, Hamburg, Germany:

Diva Nova, Köln, Cologne, NRW, Germany

First Class Domination Diva Nova

Diva Nova likes Fetish Escort, Punishment, Foot worship, Trampling, Strap-On, Humiliation, Clinic games, Facesitting, Rubber Fetish, Smothering

Domina Links, Switzerland, Europe, Schweiz, Europa

Mistress Geneva, FetishQueen Danavaldi, Geneva, Switzerland

Domina Links, Switzerland, Europe Femdom websites & bdsm links at Switzerland for example at Bern, Basel, Zürich, Genf, Geneva, Genève, Lausanne Schweiz etc. plus free Mistress pictures informations and older homepages at the web archive. Femdom Ladies, Schweiz, Europa   Mistress Geneva, FetishQueen Danavaldi, Geneva, Switzerland (Header picture, also here) Maitresse Nadia free gallery, Switzerland Mistress Angela, Zurich, Switzerland Lady Anita, Winterthur, Switzerland Lady Jasmin Bouvoir, Zurich, Switzerland Institut Divine, Winterthur, Switzerland Mistress Nurie, Zurich, Switzerland Bizarr-Studio & Klinik Hades, Zurich, Switzerland Mademoiselle Mitsuko, Geneva, Switzerland Angel de Sade, Regensdorf, Switzerland Lady Josephine, Basel, Switzerland Herrin Angela, Zurich, Switzerland Domina Dshuna Divine, Zurich, Switzerland (Also here) Xena, Biel, Switzerland Maitresse Barbara, Geneva, Switzerland Mistress Alexa De Castel, free gallery, Switzerland Lady Victoria, Bern, Switzerland Lana Andersson, Zurich, Switzerland Lady Mahal, Aargau, Switzerland Studio Oh La La, Zurich, Switzerland Arte 42, Dubendorf, Switzerland Lady Ursulana, Lucerne, Switzerland Studio Kim, Basel, SwitzerlandRead More

Domina Links, Los Angeles, California, United States

  Domina Links, Los Angeles, California, USA Cybill B. Troy, Los Angeles (Also at Femdom Empire, here &  here) Goddess Angeline, Los Angeles (Also here) Annika Amour, Los Angeles (Also here) Mistress Alexa Ortease, LA (Also San Diego / San Francisco) Mistress Damiana Chi, West Los Angeles (Music – Same also here) Rebecca Knox, Los Angeles Kinky Gaga, Los Angeles (In-person sessions here) Kisa Black, Los Angeles Mistress Evolin Pierce gallery, Hollywood, LA (Also here, here) Mistress Evolin Pierce Website Mistress Kara, Los Angeles (Also here) Miss Sheri Darling, Los Angeles Mistress Lucy, Los Angeles Morgan Sterling, Los Angeles (Switch – Also here) Iron Gates Studios SFV, Los Angeles Azia Dia, Los Angeles Mistress Astoria Reich, Los Angeles Brittany Andrews, Los Angeles (Travels – Also  here) Snow Mercy, Los Angeles (Also here) Mistress Trinity, Los Angeles Mistress Edie Elson, Los Angeles, California Mistress Lynn Pops, Los Angeles Fetish Chamber, LosRead More

Domina Links, France, Europe, Europa

Maitresse Francoise Paris, France

Domina Links, France, Europe Dominatrice Paris, Paris Elegance, Paris, France Maîtresse Françoise, Paris, France (Also here, Rubber Nurse, here, here, here) Domina Saddy, France Maitresse Eliza Sauvage, Lyon, France Maitresse Dominella, Avignon, France Maitresse Altea, Paris, France (Also Sierre, Switzerland – Also here, here) Goddess Natalia, Paris, France Lady Angel, Paris, France Maitresse Liane, Paris, France Maitress Theodora, Paris, France Maitresse Kristine, Paris, France Maitresse Claudia Cuir, Paris, France Maitresse Ingrid, Nancy, France Miss Layla, Lyon, France Maitresse Daphne, Bordeaux, Franc Miss Lilith, Lille, France (Also Belgium) Maitress Angela, Dole, France Maitresse Messaline, Paris Maitresse Barbarella, Paris, France Maitresse Ava, Paris, France (Also here) Lady Valeska, Nancy, France Maitresse Jenny, Toulouse, France Maitresse Sulfure, Lyon, France Maitresse Malvina, Clamart, France (Also Los Angeles – Also here) Maitresse Victoria, Paris, France (Also here) Maitresse Theodora, Paris, France (Also here) Mistress S, Cannes, France Maitresse Diane, LeMans, France (Also Arlon, Belgium) MaitresseRead More

Domina Links, Oregon, USA, United States

Oregon Maitresse Betka Schpitz, Portland, Oregon Erica Catharsis, Portland, Oregon Domina Katherine, Portland, Oregon Domina Thalia, Portland, Oregon Goddess Anais, Medford, Oregon (travels) Mistress Mariana, Portland, Oregon Lady Sophia St. James, Portland, Oregon Ms. Acacia Thorn, Portland, Oregon Anna Valentina, Portland, Oregon(Also Los Angeles/Las Vegas/Boston) Mistress Lana, Southwest Oregon Mistress Thorn, Beaverton, Oregon Empress Jina / Goddess of Discipline, Portland, Oregon (no new clients)

Domina Links, Texas, USA, United States

Texas Domme Victoria, Dallas, Texas Domme Diamond, Houston, Texas The Fetish Frenzy, El Paso, Texas Miss Kayla, Austin, Texas (Also Distance Training) Mistress Odette, Austin, Texas Mistress Daria, Dallas, Texas (Also here) Maitresse Renee, Fort Worth, Texas Mistress D, Austin, Texas Mistress Akume, Austin, Texas Mistress Alexandria, Dallas, Texas Domina Athena, Dallas, Texas (Also here, here) Mistress Cougars, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Mistress Dieve, Houston, Texas (Also Duesseldorf, Germany) Mistress Ella Strictland, Houston, Texas Lady Friday, Houston, Texas (Also here, here) Miss Jennifer, San Antonio, Texas (Also Virginia & Washington DC Mistress Layla, Austin, Texas Maison Noir, Houston, Texas Primadomina, Lady of Malice, Dallas Mistress Montana, Dallas, Texas (Travels to Austin & South Florida) Mistress Olivia Reigns, Austin, Texas Figure Power, Dallas, Texas (wrestling – and travels) Mistress Precious, Houston, Texas (Also here) Domina Shannon, Houston, Texas Mistress Tracy, Dallas, Texas Aunt Vicki, Ft. Worth, TX (Also here) Mistress Xcelle, Houston,Read More

Domina Links, Chicago, Illinois, USA, America

Domina Links, Illinois, USA, America Miss Victoria Cayne, Chicago, Illinois (Also Boston, Atlanta) Cougardomme, Chicago, Illinois (Also St. Louis, SE Florida & New Orleans) Miss Erin Black, Chicago, Illinois Safa Warda, Chicago, Illinois (wrestling/boxing) Odiele Von Roth, Chicago, Illinois Elysium Collective, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Clawdia Byrd, Chicago, Illinois The Fortress Beyond, Chicago, Illinois Miss Maya Sinstress, Chicago, IL Natalia Sadici, Chicago, Illinois Ms Mara Mayhem, Chicago, Illinois Fantasy Emporium / Mistresses Bri & Elle, Chicago, Illinois Countess Anders, Chicago, IL Alexandra Sadista, Chicago, Illinois Chicago Illusions, Chicago, Illinois Miss Claudia, Chicago, Illinois The Continuum, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Evelyn Leigh, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Jade Steel, Chicago, Illinois Kink Extraordinaires, Chicago, Illinois Leather and Lace, Chicago, Illinois (wrestling) Ms. Lily F. Hex, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Madeline, Chicago, Illinois (Also here, here, here, here, here, here, here) Ms. C, Chicago, Illinois Mistress Raine vonLivid, Chicago, Illinois (Also here) Sweet Mistress Sennett, Chicago, IllinoisRead More

Domina Links, China, Asia, World Femdom Directory

Domina Links, China, Asia, World Goddess Qing, China (Also Hong Kong, London) Miss Ai, Hong Kong Mistress Raffaela, Guangzou, China (Travels including Singapore, India, Hong Kong) Domina Meiling, Shanghai, China Mistress Mitao, Beijing, China Double Domination, Shanghai, China Mistress Woo, Shanghai, China Mistress Maihuo, Beijing, China Mistress Jean, Shanghai Shanghai Mistress Cat, Shanghai

Domina Links, Arizona, USA, United States

Mistress Karin von Kroft - World Class Domination

Domina Links, Arizona, USA Mistress Karin Von Kroft, Tucson, Arizona (also videos – Also here, here) Mistress Karin von Kroft – World Class Domination Lynn McCrossin / PecPanther, Phoenix, Arizona Mistress Sabrina, Phoenix, Arizona (Also here) Domina Vivian, Phoenix (also Scottsdale) Mz Candy, Bullhead City, Arizona Miss Chris, Phoenix, Arizona (Also here) Mistress Curie, Phoenix, Arizona Domestic Disciplinarian Elizabeth Burns, Phoenix, Arizona (Also here) Miss Fortunes, Phoenix, Arizona Princess H, Phoenix, Arizona Den of Indomitus / Mistress Porsche Lynn, Phoenix, Arizona Lady JoL, Phoenix, Arizona Switchable Jordan, Phoenix, Arizona (switch)

X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power

X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power, US Membersite

X-Dominatrix fetish

X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power Female Domination Empire Rules of  X-Dominatrix (Membersite): # 1: You`re useless slave! # 2: Listen, Serve & Obey! # 3: You Belong to Domina! # 4: Get down on your kness! Free femdom gallery of X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power X-Dominatrix fetish interests: Punishment, Foot worship, Trampling, Ball Busting, Humiliation, Roleplay, Facesitting, TV Training, Smothering & much more  More at TD24-Club >>>

Queen Alexis Amore, free gallery, California, USA,

Queen Alexis Amore, free gallery

Queen Alexis Amore, Femdom & Fetish action Queen Alexis Amore, free gallery Queen Alexis Amore likes: Modelling, Foot worship, Trampling, Ass Worship, Humiliation, Roleplay, Facesitting, Smothering, Hardcore Porn & much more   Alexis Amore   Over 400 pictures + 10 videoclips at femdom club of clubs

Internationally Known Ebony Goddess Amazon

Goddess Amazon, free gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Goddess Amazon

Black Goddess Amazon, Berlin, Germany

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg, Germany

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg, Germany

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg, Germany

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