Mistress R'eal Stockings High Heel Worship

Mistress Real, South Wales & South West, United Kingdom

Mistress Real, South Wales & South West, UK SUPREME MISTRESS,  SUPERIOR DOMINATRIX REAL DOMINATION, REAL POWER, REAL CONTROL PUSHING LIMITS AND TOTALLY ADDICTIVE …   Domina Mistress Real likes: Corporal Punishment, Foot worship, StrapOn, TV/Slut Training, Adult Babies, Rimming, Facesitting, Watersports, CBT, Financial Domination & much more

Ander Page, sweet, hardcore, femdom, fetish pornstar

Ander Page, sweet, hardcore, femdom, fetish pornstar

Mistress Ander Page, femdom pornstar

  sweet * hardcore * fetish Mistress Ander Page femdom pornstar Free femdom teaser clip Mistress Ander Page femdom pornstar. Fetish likes: Footworship, Roleplay, Verbal humilition, Breath play, Latex, Asslicking, Facesitting & much more Over 30 clips (>265 minutes/> 4 hours)  fetish action of Mistress Ander Page at the TD24-Club.com >>>  

Black Femdom Lady Mena Croft

Black Mistress Mena Croft, free gallery, USA

Mistress Mena Croft

Black Mistress Mena Croft Fetish Goddess Extraordinaire Michigan Pro Black Dom welcome all Submissive slut and sissies – Creative, strict but sensual DOM who can put any man through their paces. DO YOU NEED TO BE TREATED AND HUMILIATED LIKE THE WORHTLESS, SPINELESS AND INFERIOR PET THAT WE BOTH KNOW YOU ARE? GOOD, NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES AND CONTACT ME!! Creative, strict but sensual DOM who can put any man through their paces. I’m strict enough to handle the experienced sluts and sissies, but can ease off the pedal to train the beginning subs in ways how to please and amuse me. I apply erotic punishment and torture with a sensual, sensitive touch. And for all of you naughty slaves, I will do my best to get medieval on your ass! I am a distinctive exotic and classy Mistress who is 5’8” with awe inspiring measurements of 36D, 24,Read More

Dirty Madame Aline, Heidelberg, Germany

Dirty Madame Aline

Dirty Madame Aline Madame Aline likes: Roleplay Shoe & Stocking Fetish Foot / Leg Fetish Verbal-Humilation Overnight Genitorture Electrotorture Spanking Face Slapping Punishment Golden & Brown Shower & much more Mistress Aline`s interview >>> Madame Aline – Mistress Gallery >>> Much more at the Femdom TD24-Club of clubs      

Sadistsiche, blonde Herrin

Featured VIP Ad: Lady Chantal, Sado Mistress, Cologne, Germany

Chantal Sado

Sado Lady Chantal, Köln, Deutschland Likes of Lady Chantal: Punishment, Foot worship, Whipping, Roleplay, Humiliation, Rubber Play, Facesitting, Toilet training, CBT, Tease & Denial, Financial Domination, Cyber Domination & much more Featured Gallery of Lady Chantal Sado   About Lady Chantal Sado Ich liebe es wenn ich Sklaven meine grenzenlose Macht spüren lassen kann! Ich liebe es mit meinem psychologischen Geschick die Tiefen und Abgründe einer Sklavensau zu erkunden, mich auszuleben an dir und wenn du nicht spurst dich dafür zu bestrafenhart und RÜCKSICHTSLOS das liegt ganz bei der Sklavensau! Ich stehe auf alles was dir weh tut ! Also, werde mich mit besonderer Fürsorge deines nichtsnutzigen Sklavenschwanzes und deiner unnützen Eier annehmen. Ich werde ich dich kleines dreckiges Miststück vielleicht zu einer willenlosen TV-Hure erziehen, die bereit ist alles für mich zu tun. Weisst du was Orgasmuskontrolle ist? Das heißt, du wirst aufhören an dir selbst rumzuwichsen und rumRead More

Fetish List, Cyber, Voice, Member, Special & more

Special, Fetish Links Leg-Fetish Queen, Member Miss Emily, Erotic Fetish Voice Audios (Also here )  

Strict Indian Mistress Sahara Knite

Mistress Sahara Knite, Strood Kent, United Kingdom

Mistress Sahara Knite, Kent, United Kingdom

Mistress Sahara Knite, Kent, UK Game Of Thrones prostitute Sahara Knite is a pornstar and dominatrix in real life Strict Indian Mistress Sahara Knite available for sessions in Kent, UK.   PornStar, Performer, StrictMistress, Session WrestlerSahara Knite Dirty Sahara Knite gets dirty Sahara Knite likes: Foot & leg worship, Forced Bi-sessions, Chastity & Keyholding service, Stocking worship, Arse worship, Hand worship, Roleplay & race play, Humiliation & Degradation (small penis, race, fat bastard, bald git, verbal, making you drink another mans spunk, making you drink your own spunk etc), Cuckolding (Obviously you’re not good enough for me, but I will gladly force you to watch me with someone who is! YOU will be humiliated for being the pathetic creature that you are! No involvement on your part apart from cleaning up the mess at the end), Financial servitude or enslavement, Armpit worship, Shoe & boot worship, Trampling, Domestic servitude, Corporal punishment likeRead More

Madame Nicole is a lifestyle Domme with real-time slaves and pets all over the planet

Madame Nicole, Westchester, NY, USA & Istanbul, Turkey

Madame Nicole

Madame Nicole, Westchester, NY, USA & Istanbul, Turkey Tantalizing, sultry, velvet-voiced Madame Nicole is a lifestyle Domme with real-time slaves and pets all over the planet. I will have you on your knees begging for more of my big black strap-on for the time of your pitiful little life! All fetishes, fantasies and role-play expertly explored. I’m a sexy, sensual, sultry mature Dominatrix who truly enjoys most aspects of role-play. Please go to my website for all the decadent details. Thank you. Life is better than great When you’re under my feet, Madame Nicole “No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation. Fran Lebowitz (1950 – )” The list below should whet your appetite. I can convincingly slip into the role of: Auntie of an Adult Baby or adolescent, Boss, Dog Trainer, Doctor/Nurse, Equestrian, Feminisation Mistress,Read More

Domina Links, Texas, USA, United States

Texas Domme Victoria, Dallas, Texas Domme Diamond, Houston, Texas The Fetish Frenzy, El Paso, Texas Miss Kayla, Austin, Texas (Also Distance Training) Mistress Odette, Austin, Texas Mistress Daria, Dallas, Texas (Also here) Maitresse Renee, Fort Worth, Texas Mistress D, Austin, Texas Mistress Akume, Austin, Texas Mistress Alexandria, Dallas, Texas Domina Athena, Dallas, Texas (Also here, here) Mistress Cougars, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Mistress Dieve, Houston, Texas (Also Duesseldorf, Germany) Mistress Ella Strictland, Houston, Texas Lady Friday, Houston, Texas (Also here, here) Miss Jennifer, San Antonio, Texas (Also Virginia & Washington DC Mistress Layla, Austin, Texas Maison Noir, Houston, Texas Primadomina, Lady of Malice, Dallas Mistress Montana, Dallas, Texas (Travels to Austin & South Florida) Mistress Olivia Reigns, Austin, Texas Figure Power, Dallas, Texas (wrestling – and travels) Mistress Precious, Houston, Texas (Also here) Domina Shannon, Houston, Texas Mistress Tracy, Dallas, Texas Aunt Vicki, Ft. Worth, TX (Also here) Mistress Xcelle, Houston,Read More

Domina Links, Russia, Europe, Asien, Eurasien

Russian Federation Russian Mistress, Clips & Pix, Russia Mistress Karolina, free gallery, Russia (Also here) Mistress Lana, Moscow, Russia (Also here) Mistress Elen, free gallery, Russia Domina.ru, Directory for Russia

Domina Links, Africa, South Africa, World Dominaguide

Domina Links, Africa, South Africa, World Dominaguide

Domina Links, Africa, Afrika Domina Guide, South Africa, World Dominaguide Africa Mistress Diana, Johannesburg, South Africa Mistress Gail, Durban, South Africa  

Domina Links, Brazil, South America, World

Brazil Dommenique, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Porto Alegre, Brazil Mistress Lilith, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Also New York here) FetiXe Fun House, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rainha Ester, Belo Horizonte, Brazil Ama Sofia, gallery, session story & more at the femdom club of clubs >>>  

Domina Links, Australia, Ozeanien, World

Mistress Jessie, Melbourne, Australia

Domina Links, Australia, Ozeanien, World Mistress Jessie, Melbourne, Australia (Head Picture) Mistress Summer Storm, Adelaide, Australia Mistress Amara Dolce, Cairns & Darwin, Australia (Travels across Australia) Mistress Saleme, Sydney, Australia Mistress Tahlia, Sydney, Australia Mistress Claudia, Perth, Australia (Also here &  here) Lady Ambrosia Noir, Melbourne, Australia Mistress Electra Amore, Melbourne, Australia (Also  here) Miss Fleur, Sydney, Australia Mistress Jadis, Sydney, Australia (Travels) Mistress Tokyo, Sydney, Australia Mistress Sateen, Melbourne, Australia Mistress Tara, Sydney, Australia (Also The Hague, Holland – At Vampix) Mistress Demeter, Sydney, Australia Mistress Sheridan Taylor, Sydney, Australia (Also distance training) Mistress Katalina, Brisbane, Australia Mistress Lotus, Canberra, Australia (Also Sydney – Also here) Mistress Petra, Melbourne, Australia Mistress Servalan, Sydney, Australia (Also here) Mistress Saskia, Melbourne, Australia Mistress Layla De Bauche, Melbourne, Australia Mistress Maihem, Melbourne, Australia (Also here) The Correction Centre, Fitzroy / Melbourne, Australia Mistress Adira, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia The Kastle, Sydney, AustraliaRead More

X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power

X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power, US Membersite

X-Dominatrix fetish

X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power Female Domination Empire Rules of  X-Dominatrix (Membersite): # 1: You`re useless slave! # 2: Listen, Serve & Obey! # 3: You Belong to Domina! # 4: Get down on your kness! Free femdom gallery of X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power X-Dominatrix fetish interests: Punishment, Foot worship, Trampling, Ball Busting, Humiliation, Roleplay, Facesitting, TV Training, Smothering & much more  More at TD24-Club >>>

Contact 2 | Kontaktformular 2

TopDomina24 is a guide for Ladies, slaves and every fetish and sm interested person. We are presenting the best femdom and fetish links around the world. More Infos here >>> Contactform:  [contact-form to=’topdomina24@gmx.com’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’E-Mail’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Webseite’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Subject / Betrifft’ type=’text’/][contact-field label=’Neues Feld’ type=’checkbox-multiple’ options=’Newsletter Abo’/][contact-field label=’Kommentar’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/] CAPTCHA Code [/contact-form]  

Domina Links, Georgia, USA, United States

Scat Queen Mistress Delilah

Domina Links, Georgia, USA Scat Queen Mistress Delilah, Atlanta, Georgia (Also New York, Blog here, free gallery here ) Mistress Veronica, Atlanta, Georgia Goddess Capri, Atlanta, Georgia Mistress Ultra Violet, Atlanta, Georgia (Travels Jacksonville, FL & Louisville, KY) Goddess Cheyenne, Atlanta, Georgia (Also here) Fetish Goddess Samantha, Atlanta, Georgia Goddess Phoenix, Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta Dungeon, Atlanta, Georgia Dominatrix Duo / Julia Steele & Jen Jen, Atlanta Georgia Mistress Ayn, Atlanta, Georgia Goddess Amazon, Atlanta, Georgia (Also here, here, here) Iron Belles of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia (Also other states) Mistress Kellie, Atlanta, Georgia Goddess Max, Atlanta, Georgia (Also here) Goddess Sadie, Atlanta, Georgia Mistress Sebastien, Atlanta, Georgia (Also here)  

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg, Germany

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg, Germany

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg, Germany

Young German Goddesses which dominate male Slaves

Young German Goddesses which dominate male Slaves

Mistress Jasmine Byrne

Miss Jasmine Byrne likes: * Bondage * Foot worship * Torture * StrapOn * Footworship * Humiliation * Facesitting * Teasing * Moddeling / Pornstar & much more Gallery of Domina Mistress Jasmine Byrne >>> Over 280 pix + 80 clips of Mistress Jasmine >>>

Domina Aiden Starr, Blonde US Goddess

Domina Set of Aiden Starr

Mistress Lexi Dark, Hamburg, Germany

Free domina gallery of Lexi Dark, Hamburg, Germany. TopDomina24 – Your Dominaguide. The best femdom Ladies all around the world.. Lexi Dark likes: * Travelling * Foot worship * Cam Show * Rubberbitch * Humiliation * Roleplay * Facesitting * Smothering * Full toilet training & much more Free femdom gallery here >>>

Top Model Diva Kris, Fetish Muscle, Kristina Sereney

Free Top Model gallery of Diva Kris: http://www.topdomina24.com/gallery_kris.php

High-Class Domina Köln Stella Morgan

Domina Köln: Stella Morgan, Cologne, Germany

Domina Köln: Stella Morgan

Domina Stella Morgan, Cologne, Germany + Affiliate

Cole Conners, San Francisco, California, USA

1A free domina gallery of Cole Conners, USA. The best femdom guide for a Ladies, slaves, strap-on passion..

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