Foot worship


Mistress R'eal Stockings High Heel Worship

Mistress Real, South Wales & South West, United Kingdom

Mistress Real, South Wales & South West, UK SUPREME MISTRESS,  SUPERIOR DOMINATRIX REAL DOMINATION, REAL POWER, REAL CONTROL PUSHING LIMITS AND TOTALLY ADDICTIVE …   Domina Mistress Real likes: Corporal Punishment, Foot worship, StrapOn, TV/Slut Training, Adult Babies, Rimming, Facesitting, Watersports, CBT, Financial Domination & much more

Black Femdom Lady Mena Croft

Black Mistress Mena Croft, free gallery, USA

Mistress Mena Croft

Black Mistress Mena Croft Fetish Goddess Extraordinaire Michigan Pro Black Dom welcome all Submissive slut and sissies – Creative, strict but sensual DOM who can put any man through their paces. DO YOU NEED TO BE TREATED AND HUMILIATED LIKE THE WORHTLESS, SPINELESS AND INFERIOR PET THAT WE BOTH KNOW YOU ARE? GOOD, NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES AND CONTACT ME!! Creative, strict but sensual DOM who can put any man through their paces. I’m strict enough to handle the experienced sluts and sissies, but can ease off the pedal to train the beginning subs in ways how to please and amuse me. I apply erotic punishment and torture with a sensual, sensitive touch. And for all of you naughty slaves, I will do my best to get medieval on your ass! I am a distinctive exotic and classy Mistress who is 5’8” with awe inspiring measurements of 36D, 24,Read More

Ebony OWK Goddes Sonya of Brooklyn, New York, USA

Ebony Goddess Sonya, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Black Mistress

OWK Mistress Ebony Goddess Sonya Ebony Goddess Sonya likes Punishment, Foot worship, Trampling, Teasing, Humiliation, Pet play,  Facesitting, Fisting, Enema games & much more 1A Gallery of Goddess Sonya of Brooklyn, New York >>>

Femdom Lady Nadia gallery by Club Stiletto

Lady Nadia, free femdom gallery

Free femdom gallery of footworship, Roleplay, Humiliation, Facesitting, Human animal play, Trampling
Strap-On & much more

Strapon Goddess Asmondena, Hamburg

Strapon Goddess Asmondena, Hamburg, Germany

Strapon Goddess Asmondena

Lady Asmondena, Hamburg, Germany:

Diva Nova, Köln, Cologne, NRW, Germany

First Class Domination Diva Nova

Diva Nova likes Fetish Escort, Punishment, Foot worship, Trampling, Strap-On, Humiliation, Clinic games, Facesitting, Rubber Fetish, Smothering

Domina Links, Portugal, Europe, Europa

Portugal Mestra Adriana, Lisbon, Portugal Mistress Michaela, Lisbon, Portugal Mistress Michaela ist starring at Femme Fatale Films  Femdom Worship    

Domina Links, Serbia, Europe, Europa

Serbia Balkan Brat Dom, Belgrade, Serbia (Also free gallery here) Domina Barbara, Belgrade, Serbia

X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power

X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power, US Membersite

X-Dominatrix fetish

X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power Female Domination Empire Rules of  X-Dominatrix (Membersite): # 1: You`re useless slave! # 2: Listen, Serve & Obey! # 3: You Belong to Domina! # 4: Get down on your kness! Free femdom gallery of X-Dominatrix, Real Femdom Power X-Dominatrix fetish interests: Punishment, Foot worship, Trampling, Ball Busting, Humiliation, Roleplay, Facesitting, TV Training, Smothering & much more  More at TD24-Club >>>

Lifestyle Mistress Goddess Athena is about 5'7

Goddess Athena, San Francisco, California, USA

Red haired Mistress Goddess Athena

  The Goddess Athena: Sirens be tempted, worship Goddess Athena, San Francisco:  “Looking into My eyes you will find no escape, no comfort from the kind of emotional torment I will work upon you. If you are seeking a Woman of refined Elegance and undeniable Superiority then you have found Her in Me.” The Goddess Athena is about 5’7″ with long red hair that goes past Her shoulders. Slender and very busty She uses Her appearance to seduce the minds and subjugate those who come before Her. Glamorous and dedicated She is as Powerful as She is Sensuous. The Goddess Athena is a Lifestyle Mistress who is just as comfortable instructing a slave on how to properly worship Her gorgeous feet as She is whipping them to the point of weeping tears of joy. Hypnotic in execution and a true artist of rhythm, tone and pressure She is refined andRead More

Queen Alexis Amore, free gallery, California, USA,

Queen Alexis Amore, free gallery

Queen Alexis Amore, Femdom & Fetish action Queen Alexis Amore, free gallery Queen Alexis Amore likes: Modelling, Foot worship, Trampling, Ass Worship, Humiliation, Roleplay, Facesitting, Smothering, Hardcore Porn & much more   Alexis Amore   Over 400 pictures + 10 videoclips at femdom club of clubs

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg, Germany

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg, Germany

Latexdiva Satanica, Augsburg, Germany

Young German Goddesses which dominate male Slaves

Young German Goddesses which dominate male Slaves

Mistress Jasmine Byrne

Miss Jasmine Byrne likes: * Bondage * Foot worship * Torture * StrapOn * Footworship * Humiliation * Facesitting * Teasing * Moddeling / Pornstar & much more Gallery of Domina Mistress Jasmine Byrne >>> Over 280 pix + 80 clips of Mistress Jasmine >>>

Domina Aiden Starr, Blonde US Goddess

Domina Set of Aiden Starr

Goddess Alexia Jordon, Denver, Colorado, USA, Domina Guide

Mistress Alexia Jordon likes: * Roleplay * Cross dress training * Severe Bondage * Torture * Public Humiliation * Suspension * Food Play * Distance Training * Electro Play & much more Free gallery here >>> Over 100 pix + 22 clips here >>>

Domina Gallery, Miss von Livid, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Miss von Livid likes: * Bondage * Foot worship * Breath Control * Public Exporse * Humiliation * Fire Play * Roleplay * Toilet training * Monetary Manipulation & much more Free Domina gallery of Miss von Livid of Chicago. The best femdom guide TopDomina24 >>>

Mistress Lexi Dark, Hamburg, Germany

Free domina gallery of Lexi Dark, Hamburg, Germany. TopDomina24 – Your Dominaguide. The best femdom Ladies all around the world.. Lexi Dark likes: * Travelling * Foot worship * Cam Show * Rubberbitch * Humiliation * Roleplay * Facesitting * Smothering * Full toilet training & much more Free femdom gallery here >>>

Real 24/ slavery by Brat Domina Bojana, Serbia

Balkan Brat Dom Bojana, Belgrade, Serbia, Europe

Real 24/ slavery by Brat Domina Bojana, Serbia

Balkan Brat Dom Bojana, Belgrade, Sebia   Serbian Goddess Balkan Brat Dom Bojana likes: Foot worship, Trampling, Shoe cleaning, Humiliation, Rimming, Facesitting, Toilet training, Smothering, 24/7 real slavery & much more Free femdom gallery of Balkan Brat Dom Bojana Balkan Brat Dom Website

Top Model Diva Kris, Fetish Muscle, Kristina Sereney

Free Top Model gallery of Diva Kris:

Lady Roxy, Bonn, Germany, free femdom gallery

Lady Roxy, Bonn, Germany, free femdom gallery:

TopDomina of Cologne Germany Lady Ramirez

Lady Ramirez, Cologne, Germany, free femdom gallery

Lady Ramirez

Lady Ramirez, Cologne, Germany Free femdom gallery of Lady Ramirez Lady Ramirez likes Spitting, Foot worship & crushing, Latex Games, Bondage, Humiliation, Roleplay, CBT, Golden shower, Smothering & much more     Over 130 pix + 2 clips at

Lady Zara, Munich, München, Germany, Deutschland, Bizarradies

Lady Zara likes: Footworship Roleplay, Verbal humiliation, Pet training, Flag, TV education, Clinic Bondage, Golden shower & much more

High-Class Domina Köln Stella Morgan

Domina Köln: Stella Morgan, Cologne, Germany

Domina Köln: Stella Morgan

Domina Stella Morgan, Cologne, Germany + Affiliate

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