Teri Weigel Fetish Model, former Playboy Playmate & XXX Pornstar

Teri Weigel, Fetish Model & US Pornstar, free gallery

Teri Weigel

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Teri Weigel, Fetish Model, Palm City, Florida, USA

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Modeling, Foot worship, Trampling, Shoe cleaning, , Rimming, , , Smothering & much more

Teri Weigel, Fetish Model & former Playboy Playmate, free femdom gallery

About Teri Weigel was destined for fame. How she achieved that goal is a remarkable story.
A natural beauty, she began modeling in her teens, appearing in catalogs for Saks Fifth Avenue and other high-end companies. She later moved to New York and signed with a major modeling agency, which placed her in “Seventeen” magazine and other publications. Modeling gigs in Europe followed. Upon her return to Florida, Teri entered her first beauty contest and was named Miss Deerfield.
As a result of Teri’s lingerie work for Saks and others, Playboy Magazine soon came calling. She did some test shots for the magazine, and was asked to become a Centerfold. Teri graced the cover of the November 1985 issue, and appeared as the Centerfold in April of 1986. Teri found posing nude liberating, and she enjoyed the fame and money that came with being a Playboy Playmate.
Teri worked for Playboy for a several years, producing several well-received videos. She was also and actress on the big screen, which ranged from multiple appearances on Fox’s “Married With Children” to roles in “Predator 2”, “Sacrifice” with Al Pacino, “Marked for Death” with Steven Seagall, “Sunset” with Bruce Willis and James Garner, and cult genre flicks such as “Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies” with Karen Black, “Cheerleader Camp” and John Landis’s “Innocent Blood”.

Teri finally considered a career in hardcore XXX porn – something no other Playboy Playmate had ever done at that time. Wisely capitalizing on her fame and exposure a Playmate, Teri quickly became a sensation within the porn industry. She had her breasts enlarged (something she says she did for her own self-esteem, not because she had to) and immediately achieved superstar status as a result of her remarkable enthusiasm as a XXX performer. To date she has made nearly 150 videos. Much of Teri’ continued success is a result of her uncanny ability to re-invent herself within an industry infamous for using then tossing aside its talent, and this has kept her in the forefront for thirty years!
Over the years Teri has become involved in nearly every aspect of adult entertainment. In addition to making hard-core videos, she has appeared in numerous magazines, been a regular on the national dance circuit. She has also participated in a number of porn-related internet ventures. Teri Weigel is a XXX Porn Princess with over twenty two years of starring in hardcore XXX scenes and movies, 1992 til 2014! Teri was elected to the XRCO Hall of Fame 2002, AVN – Hall of Fame in 2003 and inducted into Hall of Fame of PORN 2008!


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