Goddess of Fetish, Erotic Horror and Glamour


Since 1992, Persephone has been an icon in the realm of fetish, appearing in magazines and hundreds videos. She has been a purveyor of her own unique style of erotic horror utilizing the internet since 1996 to spread her vision to those who would appreciate her dark beauty and glamour. Outside of the photo studio she has been a practicing professional dominatrix since 1994, training across the USA and Europe during her frequent travels.

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Mistress Persephone, Flint, Michigan, USA


Mistress Persephone likes:

  • Boot & foot
  • Sensually sadistic play
  • Teasing & tickling
  • (light to heavy)
  • Nail torture
  • Water sports
  • Smothering & breath play
  • Smoking fetishes
  • scenarios
  • Humiliation
  • abuse
  • Financial slavery & much more

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Mistress Persephone Sick Chixxx

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