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I relish in the power I exert over male submissives and slaves and am truly fond of being served by sincere submissives. Private time centers around My exploration of the inner intricacies behind a submissive and slave’s need and desire to serve this Goddess. My private sessions are unique in that My focus is on the psychology of Female Domination and male submission. I am delighted to welcome both novice submissives, who require formal training, and experienced slaves, who seek to perfect their service and challenge their prior limits. your submission and slavery is to be used for My pleasure and amusement.

This Queen highly enjoys the process of sissification and feminization typically undergone by sissies and is pleased to be the One to inspire and educate sissies through their complete and often times irreversible transformation. My initial explorations center around a sissy’s psychological motivation to embrace his inner Female. My focus then shifts to the external manifestations of such a transformation, to include perfecting Female mannerisms, attire, and accessories to enhance the beauty of a sissy. Such training occurs both in My private domain and outside in the vanilla world as the sissy begins to present herself as she truly is to T/those around her.

I am privileged to be able to coach beginning Female Dominants who choose to embrace the path of Female Supremacy. I welcome both Lifestyle and Professional Dominants into My coaching programme. Sessions are structured so that a Female Domme gains both the necessary knowledge of the psychology of D/s and of the behavioral techniques comprising Domination.

C/couple Coaching

This Queen also lends My expertise to D/s C/couples seeking to increase the intensity of their interactions and overall quality of relationship. I also offer My assistance to vanilla C/couples wishing to explore the D/s realm.Toward this end, My clinical training includes psychotherapy work with couples.

Long-Distance Domination

As My focus is on the psychological aspects of D/s, I particularly enjoy the challenge of Dominating submissives across distances.I am experienced in guiding and supporting those seeking to be under My tutelage regardless of their particular physical location.

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