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Mistress Kelly Kalaschnik














For me BDSM is not a , it’s just something normal and logical. In where I come from it was normal to have discipline and being punished when someone fails. Because of single-, children already learned that there’s difference between sexes. Just like every girl in my village, I thought it was normal to take advantage of boys and use them. And the boys thought that was normal too. When I came to the Netherlands I found out that men and woman are equal. For me that was quite difficult during my study and jobs. Because I always had a sort of fetish for sexy clothing and high heels. I went to Amsterdam for shopping. There I came to a fetish shop where they sold clothes fetish, but that is BDSM equipment. In that shop I felt at my place. At that time I quited my job and started learning to be a at SM Studio Marianne (as well known as in the Netherlands at that time).

Mistress Kelly Kalaschnik





Special Interest:

My interests are very wide reaching. I like to party from time to time, of course fetish parties. But I also like places where it’s nice and quiet and where I can enjoy nature and animals. is also one of my hobby’s, but then on a real horse through the woods or at the beach. I like sailing, surfing, canoe-ing, swimming and sunbathing. I also enjoy going to concerts to see and listen to rock and alternative bands as well as classical concerts or choirs.
SM is something natural and logical to me. Men do I think I’m a sadistic Mistress, I like to be mean, hurt and . Not that I hate men, I do respect every human being and every living creature. The that I hurt, want to be hurt. When still I think the slave is capable to handle the torture I might not give mercy when he asks for it. But of course I can see when the pain is really to much. And yes I have a soft voice, but my is not related to the noise I make. And of course I am very kind!! Ask my !

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