Madame Sarka, Prague, Czech Republic

* Footworship
* Roleplay
* Teasing
* Asslicking
* Bloodsport
* Facesitting
& much more

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About Madame sarka:
I am a dominant, beautiful and . I can control your thoughts and behaviour to the level I desire. I love to see you crawl pathetically in front of me, naked over dirty floors, begging for my attention of your worthless body, ready to do absolutely anything for me. You will be humiliated and tortured by me, you will be an exhibit for the entertainment, fun and laughter of other dominant Ladies – but you will love this, and be grateful for such attention. I will have absolute power over you, both psychological as well as physical.
You will again and again be taken to somewhere that is not truly a world, only a worthless empire of your fantasy, where you will meet pain and cruelty – but at the same time you will find and the fulfilment of your dreams here.
I will be your GODDESS and you are,
and will, be absolutely NOTHING!
I require complete submission, loyalty and faithfulness. You will always need to be careful, accurate, quick and truthful to your Mistress, because even the smallest mistake, will bring immediate and severe punishment!
You should understand that you occupy the place of the lowest creature and that SEX with your GODDESS is strictly FORBIDDEN!
I will put you into slavery
and you will live and breathe ONLY for me !!!

BDSM Mistress Madame Sharka by Top Domina 24 your dominaguide

BDSM Mistress Madame Sharka by Top Domina 24 your dominaguide

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