The fiercely wild huntress of the Amazon, I am a Brazilian beauty, standing at 5’7, upon tawny muscular & elegantly manicured . Beginning the hunt, preying upon your senses, subliminally commanding your soul to submit to my sensual slaying of your very being; let your struggle go as you stare into my gleaming hazelnut brown gaze. My rich, sexy accent rumbles through your core as I order you to your knees before my greatness. Trembling with the anticipation, you itch to touch my shining auburn tresses, run your fingers down my silky , complete with sinuous, exotic curves.

A complete woman of fierce desire & sensuality, I will hold dominion over your mind, body and heart as you diligently toil to serve my bidding with the utmost respect and reverence. I am a Queen that expects nothing less than the most awed worship from you. Intertwining pain and pleasure to allow your purity to unfold is how I require you to pay your penance. My peals of melodious laughter ring through you as stripes of pain bloom over the canvas of your flesh, restrained, splayed and offered…never forget that you are the sacrificial offering to me, your . Your distress is my delight, my sadistic are fueled by your sincere submission and willingness to bear the brunt of my .

Mestra Jussara


This South American goddess loves:
Bondage & Restraints
Single tail & Flogging
Corporal Punishment
Branding (certified proficient by Fakir Musafar)
CBT (including ball busting/bondage/etc…)
Nipple Play
Coprophagia ( Toilet Training including Forced Consumption)
G/B/R Showers
Racial Slurs and Degradation
Foot Worship
Seduction and Denial
Biting & Hair Pulling
Catheter Play
Anal Play
Electrical Play (Tens Unit and Cattle Prod)
Camel Toe Fetish
Face Slapping

and Assignments

I am eloquently efficient in all of these forms of play & discipline; taking you to the edges of your wildest fantasies, horizons and beyond. Come… come give yourself to my savage seduction & the wildest whims of my imagination. I will mold you into my perfectly pliant , training you in the highest points of BDSM & Service.

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