I am a Professional , a Fetishist, a Performer, a , a Sadist & an Artist
Miss Maya Sinstress

I have been Dominant, Bossy & Bitchy all of My life. Naturally, I matured into a Princess & Seductress. By nature, I am a TEASE. I laugh at other’s expense. I am all you desire and then some. I am aggressive. I expand all boundaries. I am creative. I am mysterious. I like a mental challenge. I am complex. I am Independent. I am Feminine. I am Graceful. I am imaginative. I balls. I am not afraid of the unknown. I have high expectations. I do not settle for second best, nor do I give second chances.

Miss Maya Sinstress

My Interests are divided into 5 categories: Bondage, Fetish, , Torture & Play.

Miss Maya Sinstress

I began My career as a professional Dominatrix in 2000. I apprenticed at Two Highly Reputed Establishments- Jade’s Dungeon and Lilith’s Sanctuary. In 2003, I became an independent Mistress & joined forces with the Goddess Project. In 2004, I broke out on My own. The Sinistry came to life- My own private & immaculate dungeon. In 2005, I opened My first Member’s Site. In 2009, I relocated My play space to Lincoln Park in . At present, Iam still accepting select with new clients. I also travel extensively. I regularly visit and play in New York, Boston, L.A., Columbus and . I am the of Pleasure and Pain- Miss Maya Sinstress.

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