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Rubber Hypoxia

Rubber Hypoxia
Miss Mya is ready to operate in her medical clinic when this slut shows up. Every surface of her tight little frame is clad or reveals flawless perfect skin and this slave’s first challenge is to capture her imagination and make her even care enough to torment him. She blind folds him and he starts at her feet and works up her stockings. Feeling his way he worships and entices her until she is grinding her red high heels into his crotch and laughing. She begins his layered encasement and breathing torment with a gas mask that allows her to let him breathe in her essence as she presses the tube to her body and between her legs. This is what must sustain him when she closes off his air supply. She takes him to a rebreathing hood and restrains him in a pressurized straight jacket which she binds tightly to the wall. Now she can probe his mouth and noise holes while his breath is already short from having to take in her perfect curves ass she maneuvers around him. Mya works him into a rubber frenzy and then takes it all up a notch with her special toilet hood. She pours water over him filling his receptacle and his life is in this Goddess’s cruel and beautiful hands. She stands before him and pulls his head into her crotch and his receptacle mouth hangs below her very dominant sex for what she has in store for him.

Miss Mya, Bound for trouble

Bizarre, deviant and possibly dangerous…

For those who must know, I am of Chinese-Vietnamese descent, and I speak both languages in addition to English. I am 5’3 in my stockinged feet, but can maneuver adroitly in heels up to 9 inches in height. Don’t underestimate my 100 lb. frame, I am strong and superior both mentally and physically.
I am a highly-skilled, acutely aware and intelligent lady and who demands maturity, intelligence, and respect from my clients. My experience began at the Dominion in , and has grown to working and training with amazing men and women from Paris to Berlin to London to New York. I have come to embrace the European styles of BDSM the more I play internationally, and the submissives who seek me are not ones who take this lifestyle lightly.
My fetishes are for rubber, leather, boots, gloves and rope. Most of the rope I use in heavy and I have processed and dyed myself and it would be your highest honor to be bound in rope of my own making. It brings me joy to take you on a journey of submission and mental release from your daily mediocrity. My reality is your fulfilled fantasy.
I encourage you to let go of your ideals, decisions and commitments. Although I welcome inexperienced as well as trained submissives, do not think that I will not be exceedingly strict and quick to punish. Hang on My every word and hope for redemption, since your fate can only be bad or worse. Be respectful and obedient and rewards are greater than any illusory material gains.
Crave my tenderness when I tease and deny you your needs until you hurt from within. I will literally take your breath away as you pine for ablution. And when you leave, the tensions and demands of your world will have been replaced and permeated with the very essence of MYA.

Intellectual and mental domination
Corporal punishment (, caning, paddling)
Bondage (rope, leather, metal, rubber)
Predicament Bondage
Intricate Rope Bondage
Full and Partial Suspension
Foot, Boot,
Sensory Deprivation
Tickle torture
Breath play
Nipple torture
Slut training
Financial slavery

Corset training

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