Mistress Amanda La ​Fatale, ​Relinquish Control and go on a Sensual Erotic

To me BDSM is more then just being a pro-dome, I have love and for my lifestyle. I truly am a kinkster at heart.​.. Reason why I am saying this is for the simple fact that since I was a little girl I can remember having control and power over every man and women it didn’t matter the environment i was in as long as they were at my presence i will have control over everything that was around me … when ever wanted a candy, toy or even a simple walk to the park I always got my way. As I got older in my teen years I started noticing my gift was getting better and stronger, and I was most definitely getting my way all the time. I also started to notice how I would have woman and men go above and beyond to fulfill my every desire. This for me is a gift for the simple fact that I enjoy exploring more and more each day learning and experiencing different facets of S&M. Now let me explain My kinkiness was not taught in classroom, did not come with age, or taught in a workshop; that said my kinkiness is a natural born energy and the way of my soul. So do your self a favor and come Relinquish control to me and I will take you on a sensual erotic journey because we will explore our boundaries, and our most kinkiest desires will be fulfilled. I take pride in creating a unique Erotic Experience for each submissive.

 Mistress Amanda La ​Fatale

Mistress Amanda La ​Fatale

Things I Enjoy:
, Sensual, , Body worship, Flogging, Bondage, CBT, Censory Deprevation, Latex Play,
play, Humiliation, Sissy , training, Roleplay, Electric play, Cross dresser, Financial Domination, Training, Shoe Fetish, Mummification, Orgasm control, Toillette training, ​Baby Play & much more

Mistress Amanda LaFatale
Midtown, , NY, United States
Phone: 646-543-7289
E-mail: mistressamandanycc@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mistressamandalafatale.com

Mistress Amanda LaFatale Midtown, New York, NY, United States

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