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Domina Gallery of Mistress Elle, Los Angelos, California, USA >>>


I am a playful and extremely sensuous Domina. Therefore I conduct all My sessions with an erotic touch .I find the mixture of hard core and sensuous play, to be a very powerful and desirable combination. I have been a professional dominatrix for over eight years, and I have been featured in Penthouse and many fetish magazines as well.
I am originally from ; I speak five languages & have lived and traveled all over the world. I love to take charge of lost souls and control each situation to my liking. I am happiest when I have a man under my foot (literally) and at My most intimate disposal! I love over- powering a man and holding him captive by force, grace and charm! My play can be cruel and sadistic, but also caring and compassionate. My sessions are strict but intensely erotic, sensual and mutually rewarding.

I am looking for sincere that are seeking safe, sane and consensual punishment.
I will not limit Myself to anything in particular.

Elle likes:

* Roleplay
* Consensual punishment
* Dildo discipline
* Foot worship
* Humiliation
* Smoking fetish & much more

Domina Gallery of Mistress Elle, Los Angelos, California, USA >>>

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