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My interests in are broad, and I can play at any level I need to, depending upon the experience and limits of the submissive. There are so many areas for us to explore together, and our abilities to communicate about our desires are important. My range of play is quite extensive. I have a sincere passion for in its entirety. Whether your is to be tortured, restrained, suffer corporal discipline, indulge your fetishes, get in touch with your feminine side, endure , receive a true mind fuck, or experience true edge play or genuine hardcore sadomasochism, I will guide you through your explorations.

My dominant style is one that is seductive and erotic in nature in combination with sensual and sadistic applications and administrations. I can be strict, sadistic, domineering, even condescending or a compassionate, caring and playful . I am a who is very diverse, imaginative and can also be quite devious. I can adopt many personas depending on my mood.

I expect a submissive to be able to express and articulate what their personal needs and expectations are from a Mistress. Your limits are respected but understand that I prefer a submissive who is responsive physically and mentally and one who is open minded about exploring and expanding their limits to some degree.

In order for me to better understand you and what your interests are, I require that you complete and submit an application form. Please do NOT fill out the application form until you have made a session reservation with me.


BDSM Activities:

With an entire spectrum of activities to explore, I am not limited to what is on this list. I play in the full range of BDSM and my interests are quite versatile. Some of the activities listed below are reserved for those submissives or clients with whom I have a particular rapport. All and your interests are negotiated, your limits are respected.

With well over a decade of experience my specific interests include the following and these activities are in no particular order. If there is something you do not see on this list then ask me about your specific interest as I enjoy most every kind of activity related to BDSM and or particular fetish games.

My specific interests include:
Rope Bondage (love it)
Steel Bondage and Padlocks
Spreader Bars
Inescapable Bondage (including vulnerable positioning)
Rubber Body Bag Encasement
Leather Bondage (limited)
Corporal Discipline or Punishment (flogging, caning, paddling, single tail whips etc.)
Servitude of all kinds
Spanking Spanking Spanking
Pony or Equestrian Training
Bare Foot Worship
Shoe, Heels, and Boot Worship
Physical and Forceful Domination
Psychological Play
Psychodrama and Creative Role Play of all kinds (Mother, Babysitter, employer or employee, nurse/doctor, interrogation, etc.)
Slave Training
Mind Fuck
Humiliation ~ Verbal (light to extreme)
Using you as Furniture
Castration Fantasies
Traditional and Domestic Scenes
Tease and Denial
Toilet Training – GS only
Extensive Medical Scenes
CBT ~ Cock and Ball Torture
Nipple Torture and Play
Forced Masturbation
Forced Feedings
Food Mortification
Dildo Worship
Slut Training
Tease and Denial
Adam & Steve Scenes
Enema Enthusiasts
Cross Dressing (no full transformations)
Sensory and Overload
Hair Pulling
Ball Kicking and Busting
Human punching bag (boxing gloves or bare fisted)
Sitting and Smothering
Breathe Play
Most Fetish Scenes
Water Torture
Medical Scenes
Knife Play
Electrical Torture
Adult Baby Play
Age Play
Hot wax
Fire and Ice

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