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Your very presence here reveals to me that you are nothing but a loser scum bag who has no right to control his own life! You are of the very same colony of pathetic shit-for-brained morons that I LIVE to control and degrade! While I am out enjoying my luxurious life and basking in the attention of REAL men, hung like champion stallions and manly like you can only dream of in your homo-erotic wet fantasies, you will be HERE, awaiting my return and praying for the privilege of sucking the stud wads out of my last night’s panties! You will be here, on your knees, stroking your pathetic manginas to all of my delectable videos and galleries! And when I return to mock and torture you in any way I see fit, you will lap up every morsel of attention that I throw your way and beg for more! I am your OWNER…I am your GODDESS…I am your MASTER and you will obey my word ALWAYS. What comes out of my devine mouth is your GOSPEL, and I am your NEW RELIGION!

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Bow to your Goddess and enter her site…Knowing that when you do you will be giving up your life and your wallets to ME. Nothing about your useless existence will be your own any longer. You will be MINE in body, soul and capital worth! Every penny you earn will be for ME. Every time you touch your disgusting excuse for a penis it will be to MY image. Every moment of your otherwise worthless existence will be spent in honor of your Goddess! On your knees bitch…Crawl to me and receive what is your due!


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