Hungarian Sadist

I am Mistress Jenny and I would like to introduce myself. I practice a unique brand of sadism here in . I am known for my cruel and merciless style and stop at nothing until you crack. That is the only time I am satisfied, when you are a broken man, broken by the pain and humiliation I have been practicing almost my entire life.

My world of stone castles and black leather should be intriguing to you because I know the real you, the you that lurks deep inside and is never silent very long. That core of you wants to watch a true female Sadist at Her work. Join now. This site is an excellent way to get to know me and a great value. If you were to purchase all these clips at my store you would spend a hundred times more than the membership. I update quite often to satisfy the need for new visuals to keep your hidden self content.

When the last mask falls away and you are truly revealed I will allow you to gaze deep into my eyes and experience the true joy of suffering for Me.

I have been torturing slaves for many years, I like to keep them as horses, dogs, servants. I also like to use them as an ashtray, or other human furniture.

Special Interest:

I love very tough games like slapping, extreme cbt, caning, whipping. In my free time I love and . Therefore I also love human .

Mistress Lady Jenny, Hungarian Sadist

You can suffer in front of my beautiful feet and boots. I am the CBT, trample and corporeal punishment. I especially love Flagellation and Whipping. The kiss of the makes your my very own. There are many things we can do, but you have to accept my rules, and you have to know, that I am your mistress your mighty QUEEN. Your onyl goal is to serve me, and to satisfy all of my cruel wishes.

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