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I have been a Professional Dominant for the past twelve years. I am not someone who simply answered an ad in a newspaper thinking that I could make some quick cash while dressing up in pretty outfits. BDSM was a personal pursuit of mine long before I knew the technical terms. Power exchange has been the mainstay of my life and I am most happy when I am in control. This is my work, my hobby, and my lifestyle. I choose not to bandy my private life and activities all over the internet as I find that crass and uncouth. I am a very interesting person and those who wish to know more about me need to spend the time it takes to be awarded the gift of confidence.

Despite the implication of my name, I possess much more than just vinyl in my wardrobe. I have been collecting different pieces for the duration of my career and I can now boast a complete set that includes vinyl, and latex. I also have a stunning shoe and boot collection.

I am fascinated with the fantasy surrounding the behaviors involved with BDSM. I feel that the best sessions evolve from communication about the origin of one’s fantasies and how they currently manifest themselves.

When asked if I am a sadist, I respond by saying that I am a consensual sadist. I would never inflict pain or discomfort on a perfect stranger for my own amusement. Rather, I inflict pain and discomfort on those who I have gotten to know me within the context of consensual BDSM. I take great delight in hurting you once the session is under way…

Lest you mistake me for being too „heavy“ of a player for your tastes and experience level, think again. I might appear intimidating, but then again you’ve probably never heard my impression of what it sounds like to tickle a Leprechaun…The majority of people who visit my dungeon have strict limits on how severe I can be. Thus, my intensity levels are usually quite moderated.

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I have a wide variety of interests in BDSM. My range of play goes from extremely light for the fearful novice, to an unrelenting force for to be reckoned with for more experienced and seasoned players. A comprehensive list of what I like to engage in with my submissives is as follows (not necessarily in the order that I enjoy them).

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