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The Foot Fetish Queen

001 Vittoria Erotica, Miami, Florida, USA



Foot Fetish
My feet are one of the most sensual parts on my body. I love playing with them and the sensations of having my toes and soles masaged, licked, and worshipped. I love the way my feet and legs feel in pantyhose or stockings and high heels.

My favorite fetish webcam shows involve certain activities. The ones my website is about! Femdom, ballbusting, foot fetish, stockings, high heels, legs, panties, latex, and erotic long hair. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t join you for some classic masturbation!

Vittoria Erotica likes:

    * Punishment
    * Foot worship
    * Trampling
    * Shoe cleaning
    * Humiliation
    * Ball Busting
    * Facesitting
    * Pantyhose
    * Smothering & much more

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